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Once In The World Of Crime, You Used To Speak Of Akhilesh Paul; Football Changed Life, Captained In The World Cup, Aamir Khan Told A Painful Story


Formerly in the world of crime, you spoke of Akhilesh Paul; Football changed lives, World Cup captain Aamir Khan told a painful story

Abhishek Paul needs no introduction today. He also captained the Indian team in the Slum Football World Cup played in Brazil. However, at one time, Akhilesh did not have a distant relationship with the game. In the world of crime, he spoke. Football changed his life. The biggest hand in this was Professor Vijay Barse, the founder of Slum Soccer. Akhilesh told his painful story on Aamir Khan’s Satyamev Jayate show.

Akhilesh had told Aamir on the show that since childhood his dream was to grow up and become a brother. Akhilesh said, “Kill anyone, throw a bag at anyone. To snatch, to give (to frighten). Everything was normal for me. Aamir asked, ‘What is one thing that happened in your life that changed.’ Akhilesh said, ‘Sir, there was a college in the area where I lived. There was a professor Vijay Barse. Our base was opposite the college. The teacher saw us every day. One day he called us. When we arrived he asked, are you going to play football? On this I asked how much money will I receive? He said 5-5 rupees to everyone. At that time, I was 14-15 years old.

Akhilesh said, “This cycle lasted a few days. Then they stopped paying, but we continued to play football. After a few days he also stopped giving football, but then we were addicted to football. However, we were not aware of this. During this time, my crime rate was increasing very rapidly. I was once going to take possession of someone’s property. Then the goons from the opposing gang surrounded me.

Akhilesh said, “I ran and kept running. But I was stuck in such a situation that I couldn’t go anywhere. The police were looking for me. The morons were thirsty for my life. I hid in the cemetery. I started eating people’s leftovers. Aamir asked, ‘Akhileshji so what happened next?’

Akhilesh said, “Someone told me about a lawyer. The lawyer surrendered. I was released on bail by the court. Once I saw children playing football. I also stayed there. Then came Vijay Barse sir. I was shocked to see them. He looked at me and asked me what was up now? I told him that the situation today was worse than before.

Akhilesh said, “After that, he said, take some time and practice with the kids. Then I played for the district level. He liked my performance. I was selected for the state level. Then I worked harder. My performance has improved. After that, the selection was made in the India squad.

Amir asked, “Which children are on this football team. Akhilesh said, ‘Like me. That is to say, those who are poor children, from underprivileged backgrounds, children from slums. Aamir told the audience sitting in the show, ‘Akhileshji, not only was selected for the Indian team but also became the captain of the Hindustani team. Under his leadership, the Indian team also participated in the Slum Football World Cup in Brazil.

Please say that Abhishek Paul was brought up in a township in Nagpur. He quickly became addicted to hooliganism, alcohol, drugs. Soon, the world of crime takes him completely under its sway. The situation had reached such a point that dozens of complaints were registered against him at the police station in various cases. On the other hand, due to the mutual rivalry of the criminal gang, the miscreants of the opposing gang were also thirsty for their lives.

Life had come to such a point that if he had escaped the police the goons would have killed him and if he had escaped the goons the police were ready to catch him. Akhilesh found no way to save his life. In such a situation, football changed his life. Now he teaches football to children in need. Akhilesh had said on Aamir’s show that at one time people called him Bhau. I am uneducated, but despite that, people now call me Sir. It is a great pride for me.

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