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Gadget Clock: Hillary Dodges Questions


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Hillary’s denial – Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton declined to answer questions about whether her presidential campaign spied on former President Donald Trump. Hillary was asked by a Daily Mail reporter in New York on Tuesday: “Have you paid for spying on the Trump campaign? “When will you comment on the spying allegations, Hillary?” Continue reading.

Trump’s point of view – The mainstream media has spent years trying to justify Donald Trump’s alleged collusion with Russia, but has largely ignored or otherwise ignored the lawsuit filed in court by Special Counsel John Durham as part of his investigation into the source of Russia’s in-depth investigation. Continue reading.

Chris Cuomo reports – CNN’s Chris Cuomo was initially fired for trying to protect his brother, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo. However, he was fired after sexual misconduct allegations were made against him during his tenure on ABC News. Continue reading.

Missing girl found –Saugerties, New York City police rescued 6-year-old Paisley Schultz from the home of her non-custodial parents on Monday. Schultz was found alive in a hidden alcove after he was last seen in 2019. Continue reading.

The family fights back – A family attorney says Bob Saget’s family filed a lawsuit on Tuesday to try to stop authorities from revealing more information about the comedian’s death “to protect their privacy.” Continue reading.

Video of the day

fccf6798 gif maker

A video of a flock of yellow-headed blackbirds crashing to the ground in Mexico has rocked the internet over the past week. Experts say this is not the result of 5G but instinct that occurs naturally in the species. . Now look.


American support – The “freedom caravan“Canadian truckers who have been protesting peacefully against their country’s government for weeks COVID-19[female[feminine The Vaccine Mandate has received significant support from Americans, according to a crowdfunding site currently offering group grants. Continue reading.

The DOJ must disclose – Former President Trump said in an exclusive interview with Gadget Clock that the Judiciary should “absolutely” release remaining documents related to the original Trump-Russia investigation “in light” of Special Counsel John Durham’s recent filing. . Continue reading.

Crime Prevention – Legal gun owners have thwarted a number of violent crimes over the past months and years who have taken matters into their own hands when faced with life-threatening situations, such as carjackings guns and shootings in malls. Continue reading.

Pisaki speaks – White House press secretary Jane Saki on Tuesday blamed “hate speech and language” around the source of the COVID-19 outbreak as driving the rise in crimes of hatred against Asian Americans. Continue reading.

Canadian outrage – Freedom Convoy spokesman Benjamin Dichtor told Shawn Hanniti on Tuesday, “When I say I’m protesting peacefully, I call it more protest because we’re guilty. Some trucks were parked illegally. Well, I’m not sure that guarantees the response from the government. From Continue reading.


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jason scafetz – The revelation of the bombings submitted by Special Counsel John Durham last weekend, and ignored by most mainstream media, could have a profound effect on Americans’ ability to trust our organization. Continue reading.

Greg Jarret – The shocking revelation that Hillary Clinton’s campaign lawyers paid a computer technology company to monitor current President Donald Trump shows that more than half a dozen crimes could be committed to advance false charges involving the Russia. Continue reading.

Gordon Chang– The Chinese ruling class no longer hides. At the Winter Olympics, a proud – and arrogant – leadership paints a picture the world hates. Beijing, for example, chose the Kiwi Fabao as a torchbearer. According to Communist Party media, the colonel, “hero of the Galwan Valley border conflict”, carried out a surprise attack on the night of June 15, 2020, deep in the Indian-controlled Himalayas. Twenty Indian soldiers were killed and Kiwi had a four-inch scar on his forehead. Continue reading.

Mike Berry– The purification has begun. So far, three branches of the military – the Navy, Air Force and Marine Corps – have released more than 650 members of the Department of Defense over their objections to the vaccine order. The military recently announced that it will soon join these branches. Expelling hundreds, if not thousands, of military personnel for their faith is not only destructive to troop morale, but also detrimental to our national security interests. Continue reading.

Rebecca Grant – America cannot stay put. Putin sent new American troops to Europe to support China. Over the months, the United States will expand to the eastern part of NATO and the Pacific where China looms. Add seven percent annual inflation, and that’s a huge expense for the defense budget. Continue reading.

Rooftop ride: Day 87 – These days, it’s not hard to let Americans grovel over the feeling that they don’t care about each other. According to a 2019 Pew Research survey, 79% of Americans have “too little” or “too little” trust in each other, and 64% agree that “levels of trust in each other have declined.” Perhaps the most public figure is that 70% of these Americans believe that “low trust in each other makes it difficult to solve the country’s problems.” Unfortunately, these numbers could be even worse today because of the epidemic. Continue reading.

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In other news

Robbins Road – Famed life strategist and #1 bestselling author Tony Robbins has just released a new book, Life Force, and has had numerous media appearances – including the Gadget Clock Channel – to explain why he spent the last three years writing it. And how he used regenerative drugs to deal with a devastating personal injury. Continue reading.

Baldwin waits – Legal experts say it is a “waiting game” to see if Alec Baldwin will now appear in court for the unjust death case he is facing. Continue reading.

The hottest inflation – US consumers are surging with the hottest inflation in a generation. Some parts are experiencing higher price increases than others. Continue reading.

Yeji understands – Kanye West gets hip during text interaction. Yezi Boss is recorded and admits that his non-verbal written communication could be used for some purpose when he said that some people had pointed out to him that capitalized writing could be misinterpreted by the recipient of the message. Continue reading.

Tires Gibson’s mother died — ‘Fast and Furious’ actor Tires Gibson announced on Instagram Monday the death of his mother, who was reportedly hospitalized with COVID-19 and pneumonia. Continue reading.

Last word

“And don’t expect Dames to help either.” They literally doubt the existence of women. Hell, the AOC blames only the expired child tax credit for the increase in crime.

– Greg Gutfeld

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