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Cryptocurrency Trading Guide


Cryptocurrency trading is a modern and popular option for making money in the financial market. Until recently, traders could not trade in the cryptocurrency market because such a market simply did not exist. Today, its membership numbers in the millions.

What is Cryptocurrency Trading?

Digital currency is a purely virtual product. Unlike fiat currency, it is not issued in the form of paper or metal. But it is a means of payment, like ordinary money.

The value of crypto is determined solely by buyer demand. The more people seek to invest in a particular digital currency, the higher its value. For example, the audience of users of the Bitcoin cryptocurrency payment system exceeds 20 million people. No wonder Bitcoin is the most valuable digital currency today.

There are three most common options for buying crypto:

  • crypto trading on stock exchange. A common way to buy or sell cryptocurrencies at the best price;
  • buy in an Internet exchanger. It is unrealistic to buy a crypt in an ordinary exchanger on the street. But there are many online exchanges where you can buy famous and exotic digital coins in both fiat and cryptocurrency;
  • buy from a private seller. There are forums dedicated to cryptocurrencies on the Internet, where you can find sellers of various digital coins and buy cryptocurrencies directly. To ensure the honesty of the seller, study the reviews about him.

If the last two options are more suitable for people who want to buy crypto for their personal needs, then cryptocurrency exchange trading is a great opportunity to earn money on the rate difference. How much you can earn depends on what cryptocurrency to invest in and how skillfully you can do it.

To make promising investments, you need to understand the basics of technical and fundamental market analysis and follow news and forecasts from financial experts. In most cases, in order to qualitatively understand the problem and effectively conclude transactions, it is necessary to undergo commercial training.

How to trade cryptocurrency correctly?

Since crypto is an exchange asset, the rules for working with it differ little from working with currency pairs, precious metals, commodities and natural resources. There are two ways to make money by trading stock market assets:

  • Buying a good at a low price to resell it at a high price.
  • Selling a good at a high price to buy it back at a low price.

In either case, the trader’s earnings will be the money left over due to the rate difference.

It should be borne in mind that part of the income will go to pay for the services of a broker – a foreign exchange intermediary. Only major players in the exchange who have passed the appropriate accreditation can work on the exchange independently. The rest are forced to use the services of brokers – intermediaries who have passed accreditation and have the right to provide access to stock exchanges for small traders.

Some brokers not only provide access to traders but also contribute in every possible way to their income. For example, they organize training courses and publish informative market analyzes and forecasts regarding the future value of assets. Thus, choosing a broker is an important step in the life of every trader.


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