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Aaron Boone Facing Yankees’ First Sign Of Trouble


It’s not as simple as it sounds, even if you don’t lose your eleventh and twelfth video games of the season until less than every week before Memorial Day weekend. The Yankees smashed all comers, a special hero every day, a fresh storyline for every sport. You get into a run like the Yankees have been the last month, it’s exhausting to talk about pitfalls, pitfalls or potholes.

However, they are on the market, hidden.

Anytime in the market. Always on the lookout.

The Yankees lost a pair to the White Sox on Sunday, 3-1, 5-0, and that alone was magnificent considering the season so far has been an unbroken string of great things. It was only the second streak the Yankees have lost all season, they often received great tee shots on every end, from Jameson Taillon (seven innings, 5 hits, one run) and Luis Severino (seven innings, eight hits, no runs).

“You’ll have days like this,” Yankees supervisor Aaron Boone said.

The day started with Boone doing his best to limit the damage from one potential spit storm, and it ended with him having to deal with the emergence of another.

A day after Josh Donaldson sparked a stir by quoting Jackie Robinson playfully (his role model) or disrespectfully (almost everyone) while addressing White Sox shortstop Tim Anderson, Boone used his traditional thinking and perspective in trying to solve problems properly, or as proper.

Josh Donaldson
Corey Sipkin for the NY POST

“I think Josh has been very open with the story of it, its context,” Boone said early Sunday afternoon. “I don’t imagine there was any malicious intent in that regard. It’s just a place for me that he shouldn’t go.

He added, “I really understand that it’s tricky and you have to learn the piece in that sense.”

In the other clubhouse, where the strong emotions remained, Sox closer to Liam Hendriks – who, like Anderson, had points with Donaldson in the past – known as the player’s “clearing bulls”. third baseman for the Yankees and called it “delusional,” between various jokes.

But the only clubhouse Boone has to worry about is his own. He did a degree to say he felt like there was no worries there, but that’s got to be his main concern now, making sure African American players in this room are as ready to mulligan Donaldson as he is. It is something that can only be identified over time.

The quality of its enclosure is just as worrying. Everyone across the Yankees was already coming to terms that Chad Green, in his walking year, was headed for a Tommy John process.

Aroldis Chapman
Corey Sipkin for the NY POST
Aaron Boone argues with the referee in Sport 2.
Corey Sipkins

Then Aroldis Chapman gave up the go-ahead to AJ Pollock in the ninth inning of the opener, was completely ineffective on a 16-pitch outing and now or probably may not face an Achilles problem. . After which in Sport 2, Jonathan Loaisiga, who gave up only 17 earned runs, in total, for the whole of 2021, allowed numbers 10, 11, 12 and 13 for 2022 as this sport blew up on him in the eighth.

Boone thinks Loaisiga is getting closer to where he needs to be. Chapman?

“He needed the ball,” Boone said of Chapman.

But how much longer can Boone keep giving Chapman the ball? It’s been a totally cursed time in New York for Chapman, who has enjoyed long stretches of dominance where he seems to be the most unbeatable pitcher on the planet, but also suffers from several extended spells each season, which could be as confusing as damaging.

Yankees fans were never very moved by Chapman. They will be much less so now – although Chapman only has to make one save, despite suffering the loss on Sunday – because of the emergence of Clay Holmes.

Giancarlo Stanton
Corey Sipkins

Holmes, who closed out Saturday’s 7-5 win, has a 21-game scoreless streak and he was electric. Boone said of Holmes: “He’s been peculiar, probably as good a reliever as there’s been in the league, I guess, so far. I can’t think anyone is higher.

Chapman’s heel could buy Boone for a while, but it’s a reckoning he’ll have to contend with eventually. It’s by no means that simple as it seems, despite everything, no matter how many kills you rack up, no matter how hot the rage you’ve been. Baseball season finds you all the time and challenges you, finally.

Aaron Boone already knew that, of course. Think of Sunday only as a pleasant reminder.


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