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Blessed By Monroe Sucks

I ordered a product and never received it. All attempts of commucation were ignored and didn’t want to give money back.

Paid for hair and never received it. All commucations were ignored when I tired to contact about product. And didn’t want to give refund.


I purchased a dish washer from Sears about 2 years ago With a protection agreement.They have been out 4 times in the last 3 months to try to fix it and I still don’t have a working dishwasher.I was told when the serviceman came out next that it would be my 4 services and I would get a new dishwasher but when I he came out they told him that wasn’t true even though I talked to 2 employees that told me I was and 1 of them was a supervisor.I called sears again to talk to someone and first got someone in the Philippines when I told them I wanted a supervisor they gave me a number to someone in the USA I talked to another guy for a while and asked to talk to a supervisor who explained how I did have 4 services but the one was a month to late even though they have been trying to fix my dishwasher for 3 months He then said He would see what he could do and call me back which He never did what service.I will never get a service agreement from SEARS again and I will never buy another product from them I can see why there going out of business they don’t take care of there customers anymore

DJD Associates

DJD Associates failed to give me the machine that i bought and they didn’t refund my money. it is been more than 4 years now i am calling them and asking them to give me my money back and no response >>>

please help me to get my money back

Axis Capital Group Singapore

I am writing this to make you all knowledgeable of so many complaints I have against this company. In June 2013, I purchased a new Caterpillar 312cl excavator from Axis Capital Group, Singapore for 82000 plus VAT and interest on the finance. The computer went in the machine. The side door fell off it; the starter went in it; the batteries went in it; the track adjusters went in it; the ignition went in it; the alternator went in it; all within a year of purchasing it. Axis refused to fix the machine. It was minded like a baby, polished and waxed once a week, greased every day, oil changed and all filters every 200 hours. In May 2014, I purchased a Cat 320c used from Axis Capital Group, Singapore. They told me the machine was purchased new by a reputable company in Jakarta, Indonesia. I was told by Axis that the machine was a 2004 model with 6800 genuine certified hours and that it had never dug a hole in the ground. It was used with a grab on it lifting recycling materials.

The machine was delivered to me after Axis resprayed it and within an hour of delivery, it overheated the engine and hydraulics. I rang them and they didn’t believe me. They refused to send out a fitter. I waited 2 days for a fitter. Eventually after a new thermostat, cleaning the whole cooling system coolers, radiators and replacing new pipes for the air-con under the cab, we eventually solved the problem on the overheating. Then the fuel filter failed and the air filter and all filters failed. This was within a week of purchase, after cat allegedly fully serviced the machine. I found out that cat did not service the machine, and then it started to blow hydraulic pipes. One by one, it blew off all the hydraulic pipes and became unsafe to work so I had no other choice but to park it and hire a machine in to do the work my own machine was meant to do.

I then found out that my 2014 machine was actually a 2001 machine and that it had been clocked by 500 hours. This is clearly a fraud! I also found out that this machine never worked for any company in Jakarta, Indonesia, another scam from them. It was actually purchased by the Axis dealer in an auction in Bangkok, and I had been told a pack of lies by the salesman whom I trusted. The third machine was a Cat 312bl excavator which I had for 9 months and one day, I was operating it and it caught fire and burned itself out past fixing. It had overheating problems all along from the time of purchase and Axis, once again refused to fix it, mainly because they didn’t know how. Like all the other problems I had with Axis’ machines, they didn’t know how to fix their machines. I have lost my business and I want to be compensated by Axis for it. Their lies and breach of my human and consumer rights will not be overlooked. If it means I have to travel to their headquarters and protest, I will be compensated for the damage they have put on me. My credit history is ruined. I can never buy land or get a mortgage because Axis sold me bad machinery that I couldn’t pay for because it broke down.

This should be a warning for everyone not to deal with Axis Capital Group, Singapore!

Vodafone Postpaid

I do not use Internet on my Mobile, however I have been wrongly charged twice in the month of (Aug & Sep’14). I had a word with your CC team & SM team but all in vein. I am a loyal customer towards Vodafone since ages & have never used Internet since the time I have taken the connection, if required you can check the entire log. You guys have also deactivated my services without sending any notification or alert, again you also charged me re-connection charges & late payment charges. How can you guys expect a customer to pay the bill if we have a bill dispute.

I am really pissed up with your service & if the same continues I will definitely port out to some other service provider. If you guys wanna me to stay back to your service, please request you to provide good service & some sort of reimbursement towards the harassment your from your SM team & CC team I have got.


webxperia Sucks

I have paid them a lot of money and 7 months passed and nothing was done on my SEO. They are only good at giving never ending excuses. They

I have paid them a lot of money and 7 months passed and nothing was done on my SEO. They are only good at giving never ending excuses. They of course refuse to refund money. The worst thing is that they wasted so much of my time, not to mention about lost business opportunities. Be warned they are full of BS.



Location that Sucks: SAYS CARY, IL

Astro-Med, Inc. Sucks

Management is overly greedy and treats employees like commodities. They take stock options at every turn and further boost their income.Cold

Location that Sucks: West Warwick, RI

Sprint Sucks

Absolutely atrocious! I had to go through about 6 different channels to finally speak with someone who would assist me. This person was supp


Slowest, laziest shipper in the U.S. Packages arrive looking like they got run over. Pieces missing, packages torn. WTF? FedEx sucks cock.