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One Travel.Com

Recently I have had a extremly unpleasant experince, actualy was a nightmere in dealing with a travel company. Being temted by a good price, I called One Travel. Com, a travel agency and somebody from India answered my call and after of 3-4 ours of going back and forward I gave my visa information. As soon I received the ticket(s) I learnt that the charge was in US currency and before I hang the phone I requested to cancel my request. I was transfered to custemer service and I was in position of being humiliated and negociating of getting my money back. Guess what, they charge me a fee for two tickets (over $200.00/ticket) although I canceled the tickets immediately and there was a difference in minus of exchange currency. I contacted my bank and requested an investigation. Please, DO NOT USE ONE TRAVEL.COM agency, you will loose money and you will be very frustrated. I will NOT recommend this company, please stay away from them, it is for your benefit.

Brandine Woodcraft, INC

I placed an order on 31 Dec 14 and didn’t rec’d the order until 21 Jan 15, in which items were missing from that order. There were 2 additional orders place in which I have cancelled and have yet to rec’d my refund. I have tried on numerous occasion to contact this company via phone and email, and have never rec’d any information from this business. You would think that ordering a few beads from a company would not be that difficult, but beware of this company.

Darwill Print Hillside IL

Horrible, Horrible, Service Horrible Follow through and turn around time. When I received final proof and products it was embarrassing. Will not use again. Locate a new printer.

Horrible turn around time, No quality control, and if you have your item shipped looks like its been hit in an accident. Would recommend another printer. Their cost is to high and quality is to below average. If you care about your brand or products marketing continue shopping for a better print vendor.

Stanley Steemer

Just a couple of days prior to moving into a what we thought was a luxury condo, it was discovered that the previous tenant(s) had urinated on the floor in the bedroom in many areas around where our bed must be placed. Our landlord refused to replace the carpet since Stanley Steemer told them that they could remove the stains and smells. After 6 visits and replacing the carpet pad in the urine stained areas, the smell and the stains still remain. Also, Stanley Steemer did a poor driving job when they parked in my driveway and then replaced the carpet padding as the carpet is coming up around the edges. The local Mgr. of Stanley Steemer was very rude to us from the beginning. He placed what he called “brown-out” on the stains, which only temporarily hid the stains and also the “brown-out” was tracked throughout our condo and left the floors a mess. Each time the Mgr. came, he immediately began to argue with us and claimed that he could smell nothing. Ever person we had in our condo could smell the urine except him. All the cleaning and deodorizing did help reduce the smell to some extent, but did not remove the smell or the stains by any means. Every day I smell urine, and it is worse on days when it is humid. Stanley Steemer has REFUSED to treat the urine stains any further. I am more than upset over this issue and will never use or recommend Stanley Steemer to anyone. I am also lodging complaints through the BBB and Manatee Chamber of Commerce.

Trinity Business Services NY, NY

will push her self off as a CPA. SHE IS NOT!
she gets paid and makes mistakes on your tax return.
you get fined by IRS , SHE DONT TAKE YOUR CALLS.
Stay away!!

webster bank

Wires: Customer is not present in front of person inputting the wire. They are being done: through fax requests, through emails and over the phone. The wires are not being signed the same day, they are being signed a couple days later or signature is forged.

Investments: Management is not witnessing the Medallion signatures. Mangers tell the investment advisors to have the customers just sign they will stamp it and sign it later without ever seeing who signed or verifying their I.D. Investment advisors don’t always ask management to come witness the customers signature they bring it over afterwards to be signed and stamped. The manager’s stamps and sign without ever seeing the customer sign. Investment advisors leave paper work at the office and tell branch staffs who are unlicensed to have customers sign it for them because they forgot to get signatures.

Business Accounts: Accounts are being opened over the phone for customers with no paper work and without seeing who the customer is that’s opening the account. There are no management consulting services performed. Accounts are being opened with improper paper work so goals can be hit. Managers are allowing one signer on the business accounts to sign the other signer’s names so they have signatures. Management gives out account information to people who are not signers on the business

Hours & Coverage: Hours and Coverage are being falsified because market managers are not checking up on the branches. The majority of managers are only working 25-30 hours most weeks. Managers are shopping, running personal errands, going to doctors, coming in late and leaving early (all on company time). No business text messaging services They tell staff if anyone calls to say they are out on business calls. Market managers are taking managers out for: drinks, dinners, outside activities and zip lining on company time which is leaving offices with no managers or a market manager on call.

Privacy: Investment advisors and managers leave customer information out on their desks through out the day and over night in view of customers, vendors and maintenance personnel. Investment advisors and managers leave customer information on printers over night exposing customer info to our cleaners and to any maintenance personnel. Managers also leave their combinations out on their desks or in their top draws that are not locked compromising dual control. Investment advisors and managers leave their filing cabinets unlocked with all their customer info, profiles and employee personnel information.

Transfers: Managers are doing account transfers without signatures or anyone present. They are being done through: email, fax and phone. Managers have forged signatures if no customer is present. Managers are allowing customers to do transfer for their friends that are not present and customers to do transfers on business accounts who are not signers.

Operations: Operation specialists give branches the wrong information and then don’t support the branch when they get audited. Management and operation specialists violate policies to make things easier for themselves including dual control policies. When auditing operation specialists treat staff with no respect and will curse at the staff. No communication or text message sms alert platform Human Resources allows: management, investment advisors, fraud investigators, operation specialists and managements siblings to sexual harass personnel – complaints filed but none of the culprits terminated or disciplined for it.

Ethical Behavior: Management, Operation Specialists, Market Managers and Fraud Investigators: curse, threaten, lie and verbally abuse branch personnel on a regular basis. Human Resources doesn’t keep information private, they tell management who complained and what they said. Human Resources laughs and cracks jokes about personnel that are special needs or that have personal problems. Fraud Investigators: lie about what information they have, illegally pull family arrest records, illegally pull family financial records, violate privacy laws and falsely accuse personnel of crimes.

Health & Safety: Branches have been made to work with no heat in temperatures below 50 degrees in the office. Branches have been made to work with no air conditioning in temperatures above 90 degrees in the office. Branches have been made to work with water leaks dripping onto lights and electrical fixtures. Branches have been made to work with gas smells from leaks. Branches have been made to work with smoke still in the building after minor fires. Staff is made to work with: holes in flooring, holes in sidewalks, rips in the rugs and broken furniture that has sharp edges.

Fraud Department: Fraud investigators ignore STM’S and allow customers to keep cash in the safe deposit boxes. Fraud investigators ignore STM’S and allow business customers to have business checks made out to cash so they can cash them out and not report the income. Fraud investigators ignore STM’S and allow business customers to cash one check and have it broken down for payroll for employees that are not working on the books. Fraud investigators ignore STM’S and allow business customers to operate as check cashing facilities

Violators: This is a list of the employees that colleagues and I have witnessed making these violations; Ben Smith, Matt Schaefer, Cathy Buonocore ( when branch manager ), Cathy Velez ( when branch manager ), Linda DeMarco, David Nastri, Kusum Ramchandani, Rick Deenihan, Semra Belica, Sheila McCooey Kelley, Barbara Shaw, Cindy Rinaldi, Nancy Guman, Rob Torres, David Van Allen, Cheryl Poryanda, Kristen Faraci, Annamaria Vamos, Dan Cardona, Sheila Duarte, Michelle Dziubina ( when branch manager ), Frank Martire, David Coppola, Janice Vann and Ana Ramos, Andrew Muro, Arthur Schaefer, Cynthia Desenti Lopez, Melissa Evans, Diane Kozek, Adam Cherry, Cookie Pelletier, Linda Ferraiola and Rosa Leona.

Blessed By Monroe Sucks

I ordered a product and never received it. All attempts of commucation were ignored and didn’t want to give money back.

Paid for hair and never received it. All commucations were ignored when I tired to contact about product. And didn’t want to give refund.


I purchased a dish washer from Sears about 2 years ago With a protection agreement.They have been out 4 times in the last 3 months to try to fix it and I still don’t have a working dishwasher.I was told when the serviceman came out next that it would be my 4 services and I would get a new dishwasher but when I he came out they told him that wasn’t true even though I talked to 2 employees that told me I was and 1 of them was a supervisor.I called sears again to talk to someone and first got someone in the Philippines when I told them I wanted a supervisor they gave me a number to someone in the USA I talked to another guy for a while and asked to talk to a supervisor who explained how I did have 4 services but the one was a month to late even though they have been trying to fix my dishwasher for 3 months He then said He would see what he could do and call me back which He never did what service.I will never get a service agreement from SEARS again and I will never buy another product from them I can see why there going out of business they don’t take care of there customers anymore

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DJD Associates

DJD Associates failed to give me the machine that i bought and they didn’t refund my money. it is been more than 4 years now i am calling them and asking them to give me my money back and no response >>>

please help me to get my money back

Axis Capital Group Singapore

I am writing this to make you all knowledgeable of so many complaints I have against this company. In June 2013, I purchased a new Caterpillar 312cl excavator from Axis Capital Group, Singapore for 82000 plus VAT and interest on the finance. The computer went in the machine. The side door fell off it; the starter went in it; the batteries went in it; the track adjusters went in it; the ignition went in it; the alternator went in it; all within a year of purchasing it. Axis refused to fix the machine. It was minded like a baby, polished and waxed once a week, greased every day, oil changed and all filters every 200 hours. In May 2014, I purchased a Cat 320c used from Axis Capital Group, Singapore. They told me the machine was purchased new by a reputable company in Jakarta, Indonesia. I was told by Axis that the machine was a 2004 model with 6800 genuine certified hours and that it had never dug a hole in the ground. It was used with a grab on it lifting recycling materials.

The machine was delivered to me after Axis resprayed it and within an hour of delivery, it overheated the engine and hydraulics. I rang them and they didn’t believe me. They refused to send out a fitter. I waited 2 days for a fitter. Eventually after a new thermostat, cleaning the whole cooling system coolers, radiators and replacing new pipes for the air-con under the cab, we eventually solved the problem on the overheating with some business consulting services. Then the fuel filter failed and the air filter and all filters failed. This was within a week of purchase, after cat allegedly fully serviced the machine. I found out that cat did not service the machine, and then it started to blow hydraulic pipes. One by one, it blew off all the hydraulic pipes and became unsafe to work so I had no other choice but to park it and hire a machine in to do the work my own machine was meant to do.

I then found out that my 2014 machine was actually a 2001 machine and that it had been clocked by 500 hours. This is clearly a fraud! I also found out that this machine never worked for any company in Jakarta, Indonesia, another scam from them. It was actually purchased by the Axis dealer in an auction in Bangkok, and I had been told a pack of lies by the salesman whom I trusted. The third machine was a Cat 312bl excavator which I had for 9 months and one day, I was operating it and it caught fire and burned itself out past fixing. It had overheating problems all along from the time of purchase and Axis, once again refused to fix it, mainly because they didn’t know how. Like all the other problems I had with Axis’ machines, they didn’t know how to fix their machines. I have lost my business and I want to be compensated by Axis for it. Their lies and breach of my human and consumer rights will not be overlooked. If it means I have to travel to their headquarters and protest, I will be compensated for the damage they have put on me. My credit history is ruined. I can never buy land or get a mortgage because Axis sold me bad machinery that I couldn’t pay for because it broke down.

This should be a warning for everyone not to deal with Axis Capital Group, Singapore!

Vodafone Postpaid

I do not use Internet on my Mobile, however I have been wrongly charged twice in the month of (Aug & Sep’14). I had a word with your CC team & SM team but all in vein. I am a loyal customer towards Vodafone since ages & have never used Internet since the time I have taken the connection, if required you can check the entire log. You guys have also deactivated my services without sending any notification or alert, again you also charged me re-connection charges & late payment charges. How can you guys expect a customer to pay the bill if we have a bill dispute.

I am really pissed up with your service & if the same continues I will definitely port out to some other service provider. If you guys wanna me to stay back to your service, please request you to provide good service & some sort of reimbursement towards the harassment your from your SM team & CC team I have got.


Internet Marketing Services

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webxperia Sucks

I have paid them a lot of money and 7 months passed and nothing was done on my SEO. They are only good at giving never ending excuses. They

I have paid them a lot of money and 7 months passed and nothing was done on my SEO. They are only good at giving never ending excuses. They of course refuse to refund money. The worst thing is that they wasted so much of my time, not to mention about lost business opportunities. Be warned they are full of BS.



Location that Sucks: SAYS CARY, IL

Astro-Med, Inc. Sucks

Management is overly greedy and treats employees like commodities. They take stock options at every turn and further boost their income.Cold

Location that Sucks: West Warwick, RI

Sprint Sucks

Absolutely atrocious! I had to go through about 6 different channels to finally speak with someone who would assist me. This person was supp


Slowest, laziest shipper in the U.S. Packages arrive looking like they got run over. Pieces missing, packages torn. WTF? FedEx sucks cock.

Comcast Sucks

Comcast why the hell can’t I make it thru a Netflix movie? Your service sucks. You keep telling me to reset this damn modem. You really suck

Pacific Gas & Electric PG&E Sucks

You suck for killing people in San Bruno with your rotten gas pipe, and then Peter Darby retires with millions. HE SHOULD BE IN PRISON.USUCK