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I bay a dresses from them, the dresses did not fit me , they look so ugly. When I return the dresses the company pay me 50% of the price:-(

PCH Sucks

Scam of the century - sorry for folks who don't get that it is a hard core sales pitch. Such folks need protection. Shut it down.

Image Works Media Sucks

Prices are high and the service quality is questionable. Staff turnover is repetitive. Owner is Jehovah. The receptionist is nice.

whothefuckcares? Sucks

>-(pCH really sucks Sucks

This isn't a hosting company - this is run by fools trying to come across as professional by hiring unsuspecting graduates with real potenti

CobbleStone Apartments-Arlington TX Sucks

Too many break ins, loud neighbors, constant repairs needed in the apartment, and rude lying office agents. Dont rent there

EDG Consulting Engineers Sucks

Company filled with religious fanatics that have a daily circle-jerk for Jesus. They steal from customers by billing hours for Bible Study:-

Rocket Moving Services Sucks

The company offers a Groupon that is not honored about moving services! Its a scam!! They lie about the services. Shame on them!!

Drive 5280 Sucks

They sell used cars with lots of hidden problems. If you catch the problem, they lie and delay to get past the refund date.

cheadle law offices Sucks

Cheadle law office is a ripoff. unscrupuluse law practices. overcharge ing on collection accounts. Bunch of oxymorons. They really suck!!!

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