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Zadarma Review: Is It The Best Virtual Phone System?


Zadarma 2022 review: Is it the best virtual phone system? We’ll see.

Zadarma claims to be a complete solution for all “telephone” needs when it comes to a business/team.

You can set up virtual offices in countries you’ve never been to. Automatically route calls. Create automated leads using its CRM. Let your website visitors call you for free, with just one click and more!

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Let’s dig deeper and see how true his claims are? If you’re a little cautious about pricing, let me say it right now, there’s a 100% free forever plan.

Let’s start then?

What is Zadarma?

Zadarma is basically a virtual phone system for businesses. If you own a business that has or needs phone support, Zadarma is the software to use.

Some of its main features include:

  • Virtual phone numbers
  • VoIP calls
  • Cloud PBX
  • An RCMP
  • A number of other free tools (redial button, call tracking, speech analysis, etc.).

Obviously, this does not explain Zadarma. Let’s take a closer look at the platform then?

User interface

Zadarma “sounds” like a complicated tool, doesn’t it? Even I wasn’t quite sure if it was something I would understand or be able to use!

Fortunately, Zadarma seems to have one of the simplest and easiest interfaces:

Zadarma Review UI

I’m sure that’s self-evident, isn’t it?

There is the top bar which allows you to access all the different features and options offered by Zadarma.

The central screen contains all configuration options. You can configure your outgoing calls, virtual numbers, billing, etc.

So yes, when it comes to the user interface, it’s pretty clear that anyone can use Zadarma even without any previous experience.

Let’s briefly discuss some of the features on offer then?

Virtual Phone Numbers/Our Toll Free. and SMS

This is one of the biggest features that Zadarma sells for. Zadarma has an arsenal of over 30,000 phone numbers in 150 cities and regions around the world.

Zadarma Virtual Phone Numbers

Your customers will never know where you are!

You simply select your country/region and if you have the balance, the services are activated almost instantly.

There are no connection charges for most numbers and monthly charges are usually between $2.00 and $3.00. Note that there are exceptions to this rule and some numbers have much higher connection fees and monthly charges.

Zadarma also specializes in toll-free numbers. You can offer free phone support to your customers without requiring expensive hardware, huh?

You can either receive calls online or forward them to physical phones.

HLR searches

If you are on this Zadarma review, it is very possible that you have a long list of phone numbers. You may have gathered them as leads, existing customers, or for any number of other reasons.

Now it is possible that some (or most) of these numbers are out of service since your last check. You could call each number to check its status, if you were in the 90s.

Today, you can simply run the numbers through an HLR search on Zadarma.

Zadarma allows checking up to 5000 numbers at once (yes, you can upload a .xls/.xlsx/.csv/.ods file) case.

Each number usually costs $0.007 to verify. However, if you have used Zadarma for at least 2000 minutes (outgoing calls) last week, or if you have $100.00 in your account, you only pay $0.005/issue.


You probably have a team. Or at least a few customers. Zadarma has this video conferencing feature which would let you connect to many different people at the same time.

I’ll be honest, it’s not a “wow” feature. It’s possible via almost every other app on the planet these days.

However, since Zadarma is also your VoIP and CRM provider, it offers additional features that allow you to better manage, record and basically organize these people.

The cheapest Zadarma plan gives you 1 guest room and 10 participants. However, this can be increased depending on your tariff plan.

Free Cloud PBX

Now this is something most of you should find interesting, I certainly did. The PBX allows you to do several things.

You can choose what you want to do with incoming calls, where you want each call to go, etc. You can route incoming calls to each individual employee, to a voice greeting, or to a voice menu. Call recording is also possible with the PBX.

Yes, voice menus are something you can create using Zadarma. You just need to type your text and it generates voice menus for you based on the text.

Zadarma PBX

More than a dozen different voices (of different ethnicities and regions) are available to choose from.

You can create extensions for employees using the PBX. Employees can route and transfer calls to other extensions, voice greetings or the voice menu in seconds using simple short codes such as #505# (to transfer the call to extension 505).

Note that Cloud PBX is free only if you top up your account with any amount every 3 months. Otherwise, you are charged $5.00/month for the PBX. Of course, the PBX can be disabled entirely if you are not using it.

On the other hand, for users of the “Office” or “Corporation” package, the PBX is always free on Zadarma.

Free CRM

Zadarma offers a full-fledged CRM that can be integrated with your calls, texts and everything else for seamless customer and office management.

According to a study, sales can be increased by up to 29% just by using a CRM!

The Zadarma CRM can be used to create leads, customer cards, attach customer information and leads to specific employees or calls, etc. It can even be configured to create tracks on automation.

You can also use it to create a task checklist, offers, assign tasks, create a roadmap to the goal and much more.

This is absolutely free with Zadarma.

If you are already using a corporate CRM, data can also be exported to and from Zadarma’s CRM.

Let your website visitors call you with just one click

It’s a guaranteed conversion booster. Zadarma allows you to create a “Call me” button. It’s a simple widget that can be installed on your website in minutes.

Once installed, your visitors can call you instantly. They don’t need a phone. Their built-in headphones or mics are used for calls. Users are not charged for the service.

Not just Zadarma, this call button can be integrated with most other popular CRMs. This button and the service are completely free, even for you.

Call tracking (not what you think)

The call tracking feature on Zadarma is not something you typically see in a spy movie.

Rather, it’s a simple feature that lets you track the no. calls received on each number. Specific numbers can be attached to specific advertising channels.

This would show you which of your ad campaigns are generating the most leads. Simple, but something we often miss, right?


As the name suggests, it is a phone system integrated into your website/browser. You can basically make calls without needing a phone.

Because everything is linked to Zadarma’s CRM, each call can be logged, attached to a customer card and have other statistics that can be used to increase the chances of successful conversions.

Top up your Zadarma account

I’m just happy to see how easy this process is.

You can simply go to your account wallet and enter the amount you want to load into your account.

For now, users can use credit cards, PayPal, and bank transfers to load funds. It allows you to load amounts as small as $5.00.

Zadarma support

Finally, before signing off on this Zadarma review, let’s see how good/bad their support is? So, they provide 24/7 support through their live chat.

Now live chat is certainly useful and available. However, responses usually take a minute or two. It’s not painfully slow, however, it can certainly be done faster.

With the exception of live chat, they can be contacted by phone or email.

Zadarma tariff plans

It is definitely a feature-rich tool. But does it burn a hole in your pockets? Hopefully not.

It’s free! Well yes. There is a free forever plan and it offers access to most features.

When it comes to paid plans, there are two plans:

  • Office: $39. 00/month.
  • And Company: $79.00/month.

Hey, why take my word for it? Go try it for yourself. The company gives you $0.5 in credits just for signing up and verifying your phone number. That’s enough to check out the rig and test the waters.

Zadarma Reviews – Pros and Cons

Let’s summarize this piece then?


  • Dozens of features.
  • Most features are free.
  • Very easy to use and configure
  • The paid plans are also very cheap.

The inconvenients:

  • After almost every click of “feature change” you are logged out. For example, if you are on the video conferencing page and go to the virtual phone numbers page, you are disconnected.

Zadarma Review – Final Verdict

That will be it for this piece folks. Is it time for my opinion then?

I will say that Zadarma is the perfect solution for anyone with any type of “team” or “organization”. If you (want to) providing customer support, managing/obtaining leads via call, or using an in-house phone in your organization, Zadarma is no disappointment.

This is mainly because most of them are either free or just cheap (hey, $5.00 deposits, remember?)

I have done my best to explain the service as much as possible, in the simplest of words. However, given the platform’s vast functionality, I’ve only scratched the surface.

Therefore, I urge you to go check out the tool once you complete this Zadarma review. It’s not just free, you get $0.5 credits when you sign up! No losses there, right?


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