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Why Is Product Packaging A Crucial Element Of An E-Commerce Brand


For any person, visual perception plays an important role. What sets many well-known companies apart is the understanding of how to grab attention using product packaging. The perception of a brand does not stop at its logo.

And this is important for both product manufacturers and online stores, which can stand out with the original and beautiful packaging of the order, unlike competitors who do not pay enough attention to it.

Naturally, the product that the buyer orders from you should solve his problem and bring benefit or pleasure. This is an essential condition for ensuring the recurrence of orders and building up a base of regular customers.

But to be truly successful with customers, a brand needs quality product packaging that is an effective way to express and emphasize the difference with its competitors.

4 benefits of quality packaging

Anything to do with customer care and a quality approach to business adds “bonus points” to you in their eyes. Packaging an order in an online store is one of those things, and here’s why.

Interesting and thoughtful packaging is one of the surest ways to capture the buyer’s attention after the order has been delivered and create a positive impression that they will remember.

  • Opportunity to stand out from competitors

First of all, it is a kind of identifier that allows you to draw attention to your brand even after the sale and purchase transaction. You can pack the order in a regular plastic bag and paper, or you can pack it in a nice box or branded packaging, with the online store’s logo and address on it. It is a pity even to throw away such things and, most likely, they will still be useful to the buyer in one way or another.

  • Expression of individuality

If you are selling high-end products, you can use suitable materials to package them, which will emphasize the status. For example, a hardboard box in a color scheme based on your logo and with soft padding inside will look really sophisticated. And it’s really cheap. You can even save on the design by creating it in the package mockup tool.

If you sell natural cosmetics, you can also use paper and linen bags as shipping packaging. Thus, you highlight the characteristics of the mark on which you must first of all draw the attention of the customer.

When packing an order made in the online store before shipping, you can attach a booklet to the package, in which you can indicate, for example, recommendations for further use of the product. Or just add a nice business card or other informational materials.

Product packaging

Tips for packing orders from an online store

Both at the beginning of work and during the process of business development, the issue of packaging orders sent to customers does not lose its relevance for the owner of an online store. The key point to consider here is the need for delivery, and often over quite long distances.

The following recommendations will help you cope well with this task:

  1. In addition to the original packaging, however reliable it may seem, additional packaging is required, taking into account transportation needs.
  2. It is necessary to exclude the possibility of accessing the product without damaging the integrity of the packaging, especially when dealing with expensive products.
  3. Solidity is one of the main conditions because it is not known what “tests” the order may be subjected to during the delivery process. The box must withstand a possible fall from a height of 1.5 meters.
  4. Various fillers (polystyrene, etc.) fix the article well inside the box, attenuating possible shocks during the fall.
  5. For fragile things, for example, when sending dishes and other similar products, it is better to take care of applying a sticker with the appropriate inscription. For example, “Attention! Fragile object!” Paste such a sticker on several sides at once.


With increasing competition in the market, the issue of packaging is becoming more relevant than it was before. The approach to the design of objects purchased in the online store becomes one of the elements of the strategy for building the image of the company.

Ensure good product packaging design that reflects a creative approach and emphasizes company individuality, as well as safe delivery.


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