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Home » Watch Video British PM Boris Johnson Kevin Pietersen Michael Vaughan Slams Racial Abuse Of Englands Footballers Hooliganism Against Italian Fans After EURO 2020 Final Watch Video

Watch Video British PM Boris Johnson Kevin Pietersen Michael Vaughan Slams Racial Abuse Of Englands Footballers Hooliganism Against Italian Fans After EURO 2020 Final Watch Video


Play Video British Prime Minister Boris Johnson Kevin Pietersen Michael Vaughan slams racial abuse by English footballers over hooliganism against Italian fans after EURO 2020 final Play Video

After the defeat to Italy in the European Cup final, England fans committed a very shameful act. This act on his part damaged the image of the England team. Indeed, racist remarks were made on social networks against the three black players from England who missed the penalty shootout against Italy in the final of the European Football Championship.

Also, after the game ended at Wembley Stadium in London, there was a lot of hooliganism from England fans. A video recounting his hooliganism is viral on social networks. In the video, England fans are seen kicking and punching Italian supporters as they exit the stadium. We see them beat them like animals. In the video, due to the large number of England fans, the Italian fans are running for their lives. The viral video is not only embarrassing but also tarnishes England’s image across the world.

The English Football Association (FA) has condemned the language used for players after racial comments were made about black players in England. British Prime Minister Boris Johnson also condemned it. “Those responsible for this horrific abuse should be ashamed of themselves,” Johnson tweeted. Former England cricket captain Kevin Pietersen also condemned such an act. Also raised the question of whether in such a situation his country should get the right to host the 2030 FIFA World Cup.

Pietersen was caught up in the chaos after the European Cup final. Peterson tweeted: “Last night I was driving home with Dylan in my car, the situation was absolutely horrible.” Such behavior in 2021?? Using abusive language for players who give us so much happiness?? Do we really deserve (to host) the 2030 World Cup? »

Michael Vaughan, another former captain of the England cricket team, was also very angry at such football fan antics. He sought to expose social media users who made racist remarks. He tweeted: “Social media companies must expose all accounts (social media users) that abuse our England players…”

He said, “Expose cowards from bullying. Must know how they like to be in the limelight… National newspapers should publish pictures of these people on their front page.

Italy beat England 3-2 in a penalty shootout after being tied 1-1 in regulation and extra time in the final held late on Sunday. England’s Marcus Rashford hit the goal post, while Bukayo Saka and Jaden Sancho’s shots were blocked by the Italian keeper.

Italy won the title after 19-year-old Bukayo Saka, one of the youngest players in the England squad, missed a penalty. England have not won a major tournament after the 1966 World Cup. This is the third time in a row that England have failed on penalties.

The England team took a knee before their matches at the European Championships to express their support for ending racial inequality. The team also won the hearts of their fans before missing a penalty shootout in the final, but hatred came to the fore after failing to win the title.

“We will continue to strongly support the players concerned and call for severe punishment for those responsible for racist comments,” the FA said in a statement. London’s Metropolitan Police also said they were investigating “derogatory and racist” comments on social media.

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