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Under Virat Kohli Captaincy Indian Pacers Took 591 Wickets With Just 3 Economy, Such Is In Comparison To Sachin Tendulkar


Under the captaincy of Virat Kohli, the Indian pacemakers took 591 wickets with just 3 saves which is comparable to Sachin Tendulkar

Test Match Virat Kohli 100: Virat Kohli will complete his hundred tests in the game against Sri Lanka at Mohali from March 4, 2022. Mohali’s test is very special for him and Rohit Sharma. While Rohit Sharma will lead the Indian team in Tests for the first time, Virat Kohli will become the 12th Indian cricketer to play 100 Tests.

Virat had recently resigned as captaincy of Test cricket. After that, Rohit Sharma was named captain of Team India in the Test format. Virat Kohli took charge of the Indian team in 68 Test matches. Of that total, India won 40, while in 17 they faced defeat and 11 test matches were drawn. When Virat Kohli took charge of the test team, India was at number 7 in the ICC rankings.

He made Team India number one in the Test standings under his leadership. Not only that, one of his greatest contributions as India captain was to perfect the fast bowling unit. Virat Kohli has always supported fast bowlers, so that the Indian team can perform better on foreign courts. This is the reason why during his tenure, the Indian fast bowlers took 591 wickets at an economy rate of just 3.

If we talk about Indian fast bowlers who took 100 or more wickets then under the leadership of Virat Kohli these pacers took 591 wickets at an average of 26. These include the wickets of Mohammed Shami, Ishant Sharma, Umesh Yadav and Jasprit Bumrah.

Under Virat, Shami took 168 in 46 Tests, Ishant took 121 wickets in 43 matches, Umesh took 104 wickets in 37 matches and Bumrah took 103 wickets in 24 Tests. Perhaps that’s why Virat is one of the greatest captains in the world.

On the other hand, if we talk about the performance of Virat Kohli compared to Sachin Tendulkar, there is only a 19-20 difference between the two. Since Virat only played 99 Tests, in such a situation, Sachin Tendulkar only discusses the figures for 100 Test matches.

Sachin Tendulkar scored 8405 points in his 100 Test matches with an average of 57.96. This included his 30 centuries and 33 half centuries. There, Virat Kohli He has so far scored 7962 points in 99 tests with an average of 50.39. This includes its 27 centuries, 28 half-centuries.

Sachin scored 22 out of 30 centuries in the first set and 8 in the second set. Virat scored 22 out of 27 centuries in the first innings and the remaining 5 in the second innings. sachine He had scored 24 of 33 half-centuries in the first innings and the remaining 9 in the second innings. Kohli went 13 of 28 in the first and 15 in the second set.

This is the record of Sachin and Virat in Test matches

test match Sachin’s performance Virat’s performance
01-10 577 races/a century 703 races/2 century
11-20 508 races/3 century 532 tracks / 2 centuries
21-30 878 tracks/3 centuries 876 tracks / 4 centuries
31-40 697 races/3 century 751 races/3 century
41-50 778/2 century 819/2 century
51-60 906 races/4 century 973 tracks / 4 centuries
61-70 1036 races/5 century 1378 races/6 centuries
71-80 1177 races/4 century 755 tracks/2 centuries
81-90 1038 races/4 century 714 tracks / 2 centuries
91-100 810 tracks / 2 centuries 472 races/century steps

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