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Home » Ukrainians ‘appear To Have Won’ Battle Of Kharkiv, US Think Tank Says

Ukrainians ‘appear To Have Won’ Battle Of Kharkiv, US Think Tank Says



Ukrainians ‘appear to have received’ Battle of Kharkiv, US think tank says

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A Ukrainian defense think tank said on Friday that Ukrainian forces had “received the battle for Kharkiv” and were ready to push back Russian troops from across the city.

A report by the Institute for Warfare Research indicates that Russian forces were not ready to hold their ground a few days ago in the face of the Ukrainian counterattack around Kharkiv.

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A Ukrainian tank drives alongside a wrecked Russian vehicle in the Kharkiv region on April 14.

A Ukrainian tank drives next to a wrecked Russian car in the Kharkiv region on April 14.
(Reuters/Alkis Konstantinidis)

Ukraine’s second-largest metropolis has been under enemy fire since Russia launched its offensive in late February.

The think tank says the Kremlin is withdrawing its troops and appears to be seeking to replace its navy with proxy forces instead of trying to keep its place near Kharkiv.

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Kharkiv CC

“Thus, Ukraine seems to have received the Battle of Kharkiv,” the institute wrote. “Ukrainian forces prevented the siege of Russian troops, deserted the occupation of Kharkiv, and then expelled them from the city, as they did Russian forces attempting to occupy kyiv.”

Ukrainian Defense Minister Oleksiy Reznikov said in a Facebook post on Friday evening that the country was “entering a new and long phase of struggle” and that he expected “extremely difficult weeks”.

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Firefighters put out a blaze after a Russian bomb hit a park in Kharkiv, Ukraine on Tuesday, May 3.

Firefighters extinguish a chimney after a Russian bomb hit a park in Kharkiv, Ukraine on Tuesday May 3.
(AP / Felipe Dana)

Russia continues to attack villages north of Kharkiv. Just north of town, in the town of Dergachi, there was rubble that local officers said was a one-day Russian missile assault on the lore house, which was used to distribute aid.

“I am unable to name this anything bigger than an act of terrorism,” Dergachi Mayor Bacheslav Jadorenko told Reuters. “They must have hit rock bottom operating where we are protecting supplies and creating a humanitarian catastrophe.”

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