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The Top Questions To Ask On An Employee Year-End Survey  


If you want to encourage your employees to stay, you need to make sure they feel involved in the process. If you don’t make your employees feel like their voice matters, they’re more likely to go elsewhere. Then you’ll be stuck in the recruiting process again, trying to find new employees to replace them. It’s best to avoid this situation, which is why it’s important to regularly survey your employees to ask them how they are doing. What are some of the best questions you should include in this survey?

1. How do you feel everything is going?

It is important for you to break the ice with a simple question. Ask the employee how it feels like everything is going. Listen to what he or she has to say. The first thing that comes to mind is the most important thing. Then you can build on that for the rest of the survey. Remember to pay attention to what they say as well as what they don’t say. What are you waiting to hear? What did they actually say? This is where you should focus.

2. Would you recommend working here or somewhere else?

Of course, you should always ask your employees if they would recommend working at your company to someone else. If they would recommend your organization to someone else, ask them what they prefer. This will let you know what your business is doing well. If your employee says they wouldn’t recommend someone work for you, ask them why. There must be something you can do differently to improve the work environment for them.

3. Are you proud to work here?

Today, people care more about their workplace than they ever did in the past. They want to know they’re working for a company that won’t harm others or the environment. Therefore, ask your employee if he is proud to work for you. Ask them what they like the most. On the other hand, if they are not proud to work for the company, try to understand why. See if there’s anything you can do better to improve the company’s mission or have a bigger impact on the local community.

4. Are you satisfied?

You should always ask if the employee is satisfied. There are several directions in which they can take this issue, and the direction your employee takes is very important. For example, there are employees who are not satisfied because they are not paid enough. If they are not paid enough, ask them how much they think they should be paid. There are other employees who will focus more on the type of work they do. See if they are happy with the type of work they do on a daily basis. Employee satisfaction is very important.

5. Do you like your team members?

People also care deeply about the people they work with. Do your employees feel like they like their team members? It can be difficult to keep tabs on how people are getting along throughout the day. After all, you are also focused on what you have to do. Pay attention to what your employees have to say about their team members. There’s nothing wrong with realigning your teams from time to time.

6. Do you feel fulfilled?

Finally, you need to pay attention to making your employees feel fulfilled. If your employees feel like something is missing, they will always look for something else. It’s not something you want to deal with. If your employees don’t feel satisfied, ask them what they expect from their job. Sometimes there is a mismatch between their expectations and what you make them do on a daily basis. There may be adjustments you can make to help them feel more fulfilled. It can make a significant difference in the development of your employees.

Ask the right questions

These are just some of the best questions you should consider asking in an employee engagement survey. The reality is that people want to feel part of something bigger than themselves. You need to make sure your employees feel fulfilled by taking a survey with them from time to time. What they say is just as important as what they don’t say, so be sure to pay close attention. If your employees feel their voice matters, they’ll be more likely to stay. This will make it easier for you to retain your most talented employees.


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