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Ten Pound Poms TV Series Coming To Stan


The Ten Pound Poms TV series is coming to Stan

The Ten Pound Poms TV series is coming to Stan

It spanned 37 years, it brought more than a million people to Australia – among them prime ministers and pop stars – and now, finally, the assisted migration scheme is getting its own TV series, courtesy of the team behind Sex training.

Ten pound pom poms – named after the familiar period of immigrants from the UK who arrived between 1945 and 1982, usually paying just £10 for their fare – is a six-part drama series co-produced by the BBC and Stan, with English manufacturing house Eleven (Sex training) bringing it to the screen with Curio Footage from Australia.

British builders bound for Australia aboard the Orion in March 1947.

British builders some for Australia on board the Orion in March 1947.Credit score:Fairfax

Projected at approximately $21 million – of which $2.8 million was provided through the Federal Authorities Whereabouts Incentive Fund – Ten pound pom poms is created by English author Danny Brocklehurst, creator of the Stan series Copperand follows a group of Britons as they leave dreary post-war Britain in 1956 for the promise of a better life in Australia.

Brocklehurst describes his series as “a giant, bold character piece about what it means to start over, to be a stranger in a whole new land. It asks questions about success and failure, identification, parenthood and belonging. .

The Assisted Passage Migration Scheme was started by Chifley Labor Authorities in 1945 as part of the ‘populate or perish’ scheme. At the time, Australia’s population was only 7.4 million. By the time it ended in 1982 – by which time the price of passage had risen to £75 per adult (children traveled free) – it had grown to over 15 million, with much of that progress being driven by migrants and their children. .

The promise of a better life has held true for many, but for some the reality of Australia has fallen short.

The promise of a better life held true for many, but for some the reality of Australia was short-lived.Credit score:Fairfax

Although British turnout was huge (more than 400,000 people had expressed an interest in 1947), the lived experience did not always match the promise, and around 25% of those who emigrated to Australia returned to the Kingdom. -United. Of these, some estimate half then determined they had made a terrible mistake and returned to Australia, earning the moniker “Boomerang Poms”.


But many have flourished, including the Gibb brothers, who enjoyed worldwide success as the Bee Gees; the Younger brothers, who founded two of Australia’s top musical teams, The Easybeats (co-founded by George Younger and his mates at a Sydney immigration hostel) and AC/DC (based by George’s younger brothers, Angus and Malcolm); Farnésy and Barnésy; and future prime ministers Julia Gillard and Tony Abbott.

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