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Spotlight: What is The App Spotlight on Android


The Spotlight app is one of the best features of Android devices. It helps users to save their time and effort and get rid of app list search.

App Spotlight has made life for Android users so easy that they can now quickly search for any app. Finding a suitable document, tracking your flight, listening to your favorite music and checking weather updates is therefore a task of just a few clicks. All thanks to App Spotlight which allows you to launch apps without even opening the app folder. Plus, you don’t have to dig your nose into the app to head into the app spotlight. You can access it easily from the top of the app. Just tap the app spotlight and make your search easier.

Now, before moving forward, let’s take a look at some of the top saving apps tips and tricks.

Time-saving search tips for Android users

By using the application spotlight, you can save a lot of time by heading straight to the spotlight and starting typing the required search. In addition to that, here are some time-saving search tips you should consider for a better experience:

Launch an app

Many apps installed in Android users can help you to launch them anytime, but at the same time, it can also become a frustrating task. This is because you may stick to the list of apps and find it difficult to launch the required app. App Spotlight thus helps you eliminate all these problems and makes your life easier. You can quickly start typing the name of the app, and with just a few letters, the app will appear right below the search box.

Extract a contact

Looking to call your friend, relative or colleague but you don’t have much time to launch the contacts application? If so, the Spotlight app is one of the fastest ways to quickly call your loved ones. Just type the contact’s name in the search bar, and it will give you suggestions related to the typed word.

Play music

When playing songs, you either need to search for a music album or launch the music app. But using the application spotlight, you don’t need to do that. It can help you explore your favorite content by typing the name of the song, album or artist. Moreover, you can easily access related music tracks and TV shows. So, just move to the spotlight bar of the app, type the name, suggestions will appear, click on the melody and let the music play.

Find an address

With App Spotlight, finding an address is also easy. Don’t waste your time if you are traveling from one place to another and you can’t see the map or Google Maps app. Simply type the address into Spotlight search and a map will appear below the search box. Isn’t it easier?

Web search

Although everyone likes to search the web using a specific browser or Google search box on Android devices, the Spotlight app might be a good option for you. Yes, you heard right. App Spotlight can also help you search the web. Go ahead, type in the search box and save time. Your web result will appear just below the Spotlight search box and save your efforts to search for the dedicated browser in the list of apps launched on your Android device.

Checking the weather

If you plan to go out but are unsure of the weather conditions, you should check the weather updates. Simply go to the app’s spotlight, type “weather” into the Google search box, and browse through the suggestions that appear below. It will give you a full summary of the current temperature and a five-day forecast.

Search for emails and messages

Are you looking for a specific email in your inbox and are irritated by the unlimited number of pending emails? Well, there is no need to go to the mail app, drag the mailbox directory and search for the email. It’s high time to whittle down that list of steps and get the required email in seconds. Open Spotlight app searches or enter sender name, email subject or any other keyword only. It will help you with the list of suggestions from which you can easily access the required email.

TV show search

When you have plenty of time to stream your favorite content, what are you waiting for? Access the dedicated application, search for your favorite show or movie and start streaming. But if you cannot find the right TV show and are getting frustrated every second then switch to the Spotlight app and type in the name of the required show. A list of suggestions will appear, helping you save time and effort without any hassle. Just click on the right TV show and enjoy. You can also use the same trick for favorite songs and books.

Create a reminder

Do you want a reminder for the upcoming important event, but forget to set a reminder just because you don’t want to search for it in the app? You don’t need to search for it. Go to the app’s Spotlight search on the home screen and type something starting with remind me. Your Android device will set up a reminder for you with a title when you do. You will only have to fill in the time and place according to your needs.

Aren’t these tips helpful? Well, there are also other tasks that you can do efficiently using the Spotlight app. Switch to the Spotlight search box in the app and make your searches easier.

If you can’t access the app spotlight from the home screen or the top of the app folder, try the basic shortcuts to use the spotlight.

Open Spotlight search with keyboard

Here are some basic shortcuts for using Spotlight:

  • open spotlight menu by pressing command+space
  • open spotlight in finder using command+option+space
  • clear the Spotlight search box by pressing the escape key
  • close the fixtures menu by pressing the escape key twice


In conclusion, Spotlight search is one of the best search tools that you can use to avoid jumping to app folder. There’s no need to poke your nose into the app folder when you have an easier way called App Spotlight. It is not only easily accessible but also helps you with the best suggestions in just seconds. Try it out and quickly keep track of your favorite items.

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