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Home » Shane Warne Taking Only Liquid Diet Before Going On Thailand Vacation Family Gave Important Information To Thai Police

Shane Warne Taking Only Liquid Diet Before Going On Thailand Vacation Family Gave Important Information To Thai Police


Shane Warne only taking a liquid diet before going on vacation to Thailand, his family gave important information to the Thai police

Shane Warne autopsy report: Thai police said on Monday, March 7, 2022, post-mortem report showed Shane Warne, a former Australian cricketer, died of natural causes on an island in Thailand last week. Warne’s family has been notified of the report. Shane Warne’s family also told Thai police that he suffered from heart problems and asthma.

The deputy Thai police spokesman said Shane Warne’s body would be handed over to Australian consulate officials. Thai police had previously said that after a preliminary investigation there was no indication of a conspiracy in Warne’s death, but an autopsy was carried out. Shane Warne has died in Thailand aged 52. He was suspected of having had a heart attack.

Meanwhile, Shane Warne’s manager James Erskine has revealed the Australian top spinner only went on a liquid diet for two weeks before going on holiday. Warne also complained of chest pain and sweating after following this diet.

Erskine told the ‘Nine Network’: ‘He was living on a weird diet. Recently, in this type of diet, he took only liquids for 14 days. He did it three or four times. In this, he only took black and green juices or white rolls and musk or lasagna stuffed in the middle. All his life he smoked cigarettes. I think there must have been a heart attack.

Days before his death, Shane Warne posted his old photo on Instagram and said he was losing weight. “Operation Lean has started and the goal is to get lean by July,” he said.

Shane Warne A friend of his said his last meal was a toast with Australia’s famous Vegemite (spread). Tom Hall, CEO of ‘The Sporting News’ wrote on the portal, ‘I had a good meal with Shane on several occasions but instead of eating Thai food there we ate toast with Vegemite, the famous australian food. He was definitely Australian. After eating, he went into the bedroom to call his children.

The world will miss cricket’s Michael Jordan: Michael Clarke

there my friend Shane Warne Shocked by the death of former Australia captain Michael Clarke, cricket will miss its Michael Jordan. He is saddened to lose such a person who has always supported him in difficult times. Michael Clarke and Warne were very close to each other on and off the pitch. Clarke has often said that Warne considers him the best and has become his strength in difficult times in all aspects of life.

Michael Clarke wrote in his ‘Daily Telegraph’ column, ‘Cricket has always been a game of statistics and my relationship with Warne is down to a single number…23.’ He said: “Warney came over and told me he wanted me to wear his number 23 shirt at ODI cricket.”

“I will always be grateful to him,” he said. This honor will stay with me for the rest of my life. By handing me his jersey number, he proved that he would always support me more than the others.

Clarke said: “I don’t know why he was so open and generous and loving with me from day one, but he was like that.” He said, “He supported me in all my sorrows and difficult times. This is the reason why it is very difficult to recover from his disappearance.

Earlier in 2014, Clarke lost another close friend, Phil Hughes, to death after being hit in the head by a bouncer during a home game. Clarke attended Hughes’ funeral and delivered a poignant speech at his tribute meeting.

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