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Night Vision In Movies


Night vision goggles and other similar devices that help to see in the dark are widely used in various fields of activity. Such popularity of such optics makes them in great demand even in the cinema. Thanks to this, you can often see films in which the main characters actively use night vision goggles, binoculars, monoculars and sights.

Night vision in mass culture

Night vision has become available to mankind relatively recently. It made it possible to circumvent the laws of nature and to allow people to see well in the dark. The impetus for the development of NV technology was the numerous military conflicts that developed in the middle of the last century.

Its gradual improvement led to the emergence of many night vision devices, many of which became available to everyone. The widespread use of such devices by ordinary people has not gone unnoticed. As a result, night vision has appeared in modern films, literature, and theater productions.

Night vision in cinema

The global film industry closely monitors audience preferences and tries to offer them the most relevant content. This desire has led to the appearance of various NV devices in the cinema. In most cases, they supplemented the images of the main characters of science fiction and military films.

Famous movies in which the characters used various night vision devices:

  1. Predator. This famous film is rightfully considered a masterpiece of world cinema. It is about an unusual alien with various superpowers. Among the latter, the ability to see in total darkness stands out. This is achieved by using a special helmet by the Predator, which creates a thermal image of the area. Such a helmet is an analogue of our thermal imager, capable of capturing heat emanating from a person. However, even such a device does not help the alien in the battle with the special force major, which A. Schwarzenegger played excellently. An Earthman who challenges the Predator uses various tricks to mask the heat coming from the body and become invisible to the enemy.
  2. Robocop. The cult film, released in the late 80s, allowed the viewer to see the thermal NV device in action. At that time, this technology was almost fantastic, so the audience appreciated the embodied ideas of the director. Robocop only uses his modern devices in an emergency when the life and death of innocent people are at stake. It is part of Robocop’s arsenal and helps him detect criminals hiding in rooms dark or hide behind the walls of buildings.
  3. Sicario. A known director and a good cast are the keys to the success of any film. However, in addition to the work of these people in Sicario, there is something to see. There are many special effects and realistic scenes using NV devices. These help the heroes gain the advantage over their opponents and defeat them faster. The only downside of the Sicario film is that there are a lot of hidden advertisements glorifying NV fixtures from a well-known manufacturer.
  4. Thesilenceofthelambs. Any lover of action-packed stories should not miss this cult film. It harmoniously combines good directorial work and excellent acting. The result is a film that has gone down in history forever and has won over millions of viewers. In one of the main scenes, you can see all the benefits of using night vision goggles. They help to see in the dark and perform all the actions that people cannot do without such a device. The photo received by the hero is slightly modified from the real one. However, this small defect in no way spoils the scene and the whole film.
  5. 1 p.m.: The Secret Soldiers of Benghazi. A well-made film with a compelling plot is one of the best in its genre. It shows the courage and heroism of ordinary people who enter into an unequal battle with terrorists. This is done using standard weapons and night vision goggles. This combination allows you to resist many enemies and achieve your objectives. There are several unrealistic moments in the film. They are immediately noticeable to professional military personnel but are standard for ordinary viewers. Many memorable scenes fully compensate for this slight drawback with shootings, explosions and heroic deeds.
  6. Zero Tenebrous Thirty. Much has been said, written and filmed since 9/11, 2001. However, none of this compares to the film Zero Dark Thirty, which received many good reviews from experts and ordinary viewers. He talks about eliminating the main world terrorist of the time, whose actions led to the death of thousands of people. During a carefully planned operation, soldiers use night vision goggles. They help them accomplish the task defined by the command. The main feature of the film is the presence of scenes where the audience can test themselves in the role of a soldier. These scenes are in first person and show the image seen through the NV glasses.
  7. Three kings. It is an unusual but fascinating film, which featured many Hollywood stars. It only partially affects NV devices since they are only used in one of the scenes. One of the characters puts on night vision goggles during the day and receives an unusual image that amuses the audience.

Most notorious use of NV in movies

NV fixtures have been seen in dozens of famous movies. Each of them has its characteristics and gets its army of fans. At the same time, a film stands out against the background of other similar works. We are talking about the “Universal Soldier”, which became cult in the 90s.

In it, the main characters actively use night vision goggles, which help them perform combat missions of varying degrees of complexity. Now these devices seem a bit outdated.

Despite this, they are an integral part of the image of Luke Devereux and Andrew Scott, who are excellently played by such Hollywood stars as J.-C. Van Damme and D. Lundgren. In addition, NV devices helped create an image of invincible warriors using all available technology.

Night vision occupies a worthy place not only in life but also in modern culture. Devices using this technology often become indispensable assistants for the main characters in books, films and plays. All this creates favorable conditions for the further development of technology and its introduction into modern culture.


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