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Marketing Aspects to Have Nailed Down Before You Launch Your New Business


There’s a lot going on in running a new business, to the point that it can feel like you’re stretching it in a million different directions, but there’s one aspect that isn’t given enough thought when you’re swimming in a sea of ​​permits and loans and plans and that’s marketing.

And if that wasn’t enough, there’s the name to consider – the company or brand name should be “SEO friendly”. So, tools like a business name generator can be an invaluable asset as it can provide you with a business name that will get more attention and rank higher in the eyes of search engines.

In this guide, we explain how you can use tools like a business name generator to make all the plans for the future of your business. Read on for all the details.

Your name and target audience

Nailing down your business name can be the fun part depending on the business you are starting. If you opt for a friendly or intimate behavior for a café, for example, you can have a lot of fun with puns, the local language, etc.

If your approach is to sound as professional as possible, examine the connotations of industry words and come up with something that sounds good to you but will appeal to your potential clientele at the same time.

Either way, your name should tell everyone in a few words what you are. Nike was the goddess of victory, hence a sports brand named after her. BareMinerals is a beauty brand that from its name you can decipher a simplified approach to healthcare with all the nutrients included.

If you’re really having trouble finding something, it might help to use a business name generator. Enter a few main keywords relevant to your business or target demographic and you’ll be offered a potential name.

But what is your demographics? You will need to do some market research to properly determine who you are targeting with your business. Talk to industry peers, attend conferences, read studies, and ultimately decide whether you’re looking to appeal to an overlooked niche in the market or appeal to the usual demographic with a new twist.

Your business website

Your company’s website will be very important for the rest of your career. It is your customer’s first point of contact and the first impression of your business.

Keeping your business looking professional is about doing more than just looking good. While users research brands to make sure they can trust the brand, your website will do a lot of work to assure users that they can trust your business.

At best a low quality website will look unprofessional and at worst it could look like a scam. Scammers aren’t going to put any effort into a website that’s designed to disappear once they have access to enough credit cards, so if your website appears to be making no effort, customers will err on the side of caution and l will avoid. .

But missing out on potential customers can also come in the form of a glitchy website. Users are fickle and impatient beings who will not tolerate a long loading screen or a bug on the way to their purchase. They won’t hang around and will just find another place to buy their items.

Make sure your site is hassle-free on the way from accessing the site, to choosing what they want, and that point at checkout. You don’t want to miss any sales because no one can actually walk away with their payment made.

Your social media accounts

Social media is an invaluable source of marketing potential, but you need to do it right to stand out. Have your content ideas ready to publish as your business grows.

Users become aware and therefore weary of advertising. They know how to spot it in a second and navigate it. The new way to approach social media marketing is to make it entertaining enough that users don’t want to skim through it. Watch Duolingo, whose mascot is going viral for engaging with social media trends.

This is more common for smaller businesses that are willing to take a risk on the personalized approach and show off their business character, but it doesn’t have to be so controversial.

Simply making your photography of your products attractive, with lighting and effects is a good step, but you can also offer short video content that takes a deeper look at your business.

Have your team follow social media trends or post content around your products and services, like reviews, how-to videos, showing how they’re made, demonstrating how they can be used, etc.


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