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Is It The Best VPS Host?


Clouding review 2022: Is it the best VPS host? This is exactly what we will be discussing throughout this Clouding review.

Now, note that this is a VPS review. So if you are looking for shared hosts, browse some of my other articles.

Also, I personally used Clouding before scribbling this review. So rest assured, everything you read is as legit as possible.

Let’s start then?

Overview of Clouding

This Clouding review will discuss all the best (and the “not so good”) experiences I’ve had with Clouding.

Before you get started, here’s an overview of what to expect:

  • Website:
  • Server type: VPS only
  • Management: Self-managed only
  • Server location: Spain
  • Free Trial: Yes
  • Public IP included
  • Billing type: Hourly.

If this intrigued you even remotely, this Clouding review shouldn’t be a disappointment.

Before we even start, let me tell you why it might be worth the effort.

Why Trust This Clouding Review?

I’ve seen dozens of “hosting reviews” there. How do you know the reviewer actually used the server? Maybe they’re just trying to get you to sign up?

To dispel that doubt, I personally setup a domain on Clouding, and here is my DNS record to prove the fact: review

Also, here is my Clouding server: hosting server

So everything I say in this Clouding review is based on my personal experience. I don’t believe in taking a company’s claims of being “the best” and posting them here as is.

Moreover, this is a totally and completely unbiased review. My goal here is not to make you love Clouding, but to give you an honest idea of ​​what it offers.

To do this, I will push my Clouding server through a number of tests. Let’s see how it works then?

Ping test

I have a basic WordPress website on my Clouding domain for now. However, the ping test only calculates the “load time of the whole website”. So it’s a good start to see how the server works.

Here is how long it took to load from different parts of the planet-

  • North America – 1.21s
  • Germany – 290ms ping test

  • Australia-1.82sec
  • South America – 1.61s

Note that the ping test is highly dependent on your website content. So, for a heavier website with more content, it will take longer.

My opinion : For any location, the time didn’t exceed 2 seconds, which is what Google likes, and so do I.

Server response time test

As I just said, the ping test calculates the loading time of a website based on the amount of content it has. Not always very precise, right? You can have a very different sized website than mine.

So let’s measure something that isn’t entirely dependent on the content of a website? This is what this SRT test would help us with.

The SRT test basically tests the response time of the server. In other words, it’s the time it takes for a server to respond to a browser’s request to load a site.

It is not the only thing that determines the speed of a website, but it certainly has a major impact on it as a whole.

So, here are the results I got for my reviews the SRT test

Now the results from Germany and London are more than impressive. However, if I’m right, it’s because of my server location.

Even for other locations, the speed is quite impressive, isn’t it? Everything is under 200 ms (most)exactly what is desired on a standard SRT test.

My opinion : It’s quite fast.

Self-managed servers

I think this needs to be taken care of right away. Clouding only offers self-managed servers. You will need to setup your own VPS using SSH. Obviously root access is provided.

Now the downside is that you need a bit of experience or at least some technical know-how to get your VPS up and running.

The bright side ? You get full control. In addition, the price is much cheaper than for managed servers.

My opinion : Self-managed servers are more common than managed servers. If you have the ability to manage one, it is exponentially cheaper than managed servers.

Hourly billing

Depending on the specifications you choose, you get an estimate of what you will be charged per hour. It is a prepaid service. So if you top up your account balance, it will decrease until you reach zero (or you recharge, of course).

There are no monthly subscriptions or fixed prices you have to pay! ‘

You can even “archive” the server! This ensures that you are only charged for your NVMe SSD Disc space and not CPU or RAM!

My opinion : Hourly billing is always better than a fixed price commitment, right?

Fully customizable servers

So you get complete choice and control over your VPS server with Clouding.

You can choose your:

  • Operating system (Linux/Windows/Ubuntu/Debian/AlmaLinux, Ubuntu Desktop)
  • Apps (WordPress/Magento/LAMP/WireGuard etc.)
  • Control panels (cPanel, Plesk, HestiaCP)
  • and obviously, RAM/vCores and NVMe SSD disk space. Apps

The interface itself couldn’t be simpler (as shown in the screenshot above). You simply choose the operating system/applications you want, use the slider to configure your specs and you’re done!

Just in case you get lost or have no prior experience, they have an awesome step-by-step FAQ page to get you started!

Extreme flexibility

One of its characteristics that I am in love with? Its flexibility!

When you are just starting out, the requirements are not very high. However, within a few weeks and months you start to feel the crunch, right?

Clouding allows you to fully customize your VPS. But, it’s not just for the first time. After choosing your RAM/vCores and space during registration, you can “resize” them anytime later.

Customizing specs

This ensures that you don’t over-commit at startup. You can start with lower specs (and therefore cheaper prices). If and when you feel the need to upgrade, it only takes seconds, literally!

The best part? You can even downshift when you need to. They don’t lock you in with higher specs once you’ve upgraded!

My opinion : Few VPS servers offer such flexibility. So yes, I’m impressed.

100% free trial

So I understand. This review portrays Clouding mostly in a positive light. Why should you believe anything I say? You should not !

The company offers 100% free trials. All you need to do is enter your email address and a password, follow three simple steps, and the company gives you EUR 5.00 in free credits.

That’s enough to get you started for a few hours or a few days, depending on the specs you’re looking for.

The thing is, that’s enough to give you an idea of ​​the true potential it holds. If you don’t like it, no losses, huh?

Easy backups and snapshots

Okay, that’s probably not the most “wow” feature in this Clouding review. However, how easy Clouding allows us to create backups and snapshots? totally deserves a mention.

Thus, it has two separate tabs, each titled “Backups” and “Snapshots” respectively.

All you have to do is select what you want to create and then choose your preferences. It honestly takes seconds and 0 technical skills! automated backups and snapshots

Note that backups are not free. In this case, where I have chosen 4 time slots, a supplement of 0.40EUR/month will be charged

You can create a snapshot just as easily. This will allow you to bring your server back to snapshot time if things go wrong in the future.

My opinion : Very practical and easy function, totally appreciated.

Flexible Cloud Pricing

So how much does Clouding cost?

Like I just said, it’s $0.00 to start, if you opt for the free trial. However, their low cost VPS is 3.00 EUR/month. Pricing Plans

Obviously, the actual price would depend on two factors. First, the specs you go with. Second, your actual server usage. As mentioned before, you only pay when you use the server!

My opinion : From 3.00 EUR/month for a VPS? I am more than impressed. You can start this low and then scale up if and when you need to!


Ok, maybe one of the things I would change with them? Their support. Yeah, that’s not very impressive. There is a “help” button on the site, but it’s not for live chat.

It’s more of a contact form. You enter your question and an email ID, and the team responds.

Now in most cases I got a response within an hour. However, to be honest, nothing replaces live-chat!

My opinion : The support is good and fast. However, a live chat would improve it.

Final Verdict – Is Clouding Worth It?

So, let’s wrap up this Clouding review? It is very good in terms of speed and performance. Its billing is extremely flexible and the customization is just amazing.

Now for the cons? It’s self-managed. It’s not even a technical problem. That’s how affordable the most affordable VPS servers are. Support could definitely be improved with a live chat.

Its 100% free trial is just the icing on the cake. So forget all my praise songs on the Clouding magazine. Go and try for yourself?


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