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Is It The Best Ad Network In The Industry?


ForeMedia Review 2022: Is it the best ad network in the business? Does it provide the best traffic monetization model? Are there enough advertisers/publishers? These are some of the questions I will be answering throughout this ForeMedia review.

Will he accept “you”? Well, ForeMedia has one of the lowest minimum requirements. This means you can run ads with the smallest budgets. Even publishers can withdraw very small amounts.

This means that it is not an “elite” club. Anyone can start using ForeMedia. Let’s go into the details then?

ForeMedia Review: What is ForeMedia?

Before we start with this ForeMedia review, we are going to introduce you to the platform if you are totally new.

ForeMedia Featured Image

It is basically a traffic and ad network. In other words, if you’re a business owner, this can help you set up your ad campaigns. These ad campaigns will bring you traffic, sales, exposure, signups or whatever you are targeting.

Likewise, if you own a website, it can help monetize your traffic. You show ads that ForeMedia advertisers set up and earn money for clicks and impressions.

He already has a customer base consisting of companies like Titan, AdKernal, SOVRN, ADX and others.

Its total monthly traffic capabilities extend well beyond 100 million, per month! I’m sure that caught your attention, huh?

The best part? Everything is self-service. This means you can set up your own campaigns in minutes! Is it better if I just show you how it’s done?

ForeMedia – Creating an ad (preview)

One of the first things I noticed with ForeMedia? Ease of use and simplicity!

Even with absolutely zero campaign creation/execution experience, you can start using ForeMedia. It mainly involves filling out very basic forms.

To get started, you fill in your URL and ad creative.

ForeMedia considering creating a new campaign

Then you select your goal. A number of different objectives can be chosen, these can be:

ForeMedia Ad Setup

  • Web traffic (my goal)
  • Sales
  • Registrations
  • Brand awareness, etc.

Next, you choose your target audience, campaign start/end dates, and the platforms you want the ad displayed on.

Currently, ForeMedia allows you to display advertisements on:

  • the Windows
  • linux
  • mac
  • android
  • And iOS.

Finally, you define your daily budget as well as the CPC.

On the last page, all you have to do is make your payment and you’re done! Getting started with ForeMedia is that easy!

Editor configuration in 4 clicks

As a website owner, I’m obviously more interested in its “editor” features. I’m sure some of you on this ForeMedia review have similar goals.

Well, ForeMedia offered me a 4 click setup which was quite impressive.


Basically, the steps to follow:

  1. I copy the advertising code and paste it on my website.
  2. Scan Setup (again, as simple as copying and pasting a code)
  3. Adding a phone number (it is for my personal use. Not shared with third parties or campaign owners).

Note that validation is not instantaneous. Sometimes it can take a few days to get it up and running. But then again, almost every other ad publisher has a similar approval time, don’t you agree?ForeMedia considering creating a new campaign

Result ? Creating a new ad campaign or setting up ForeMedia for your website seemed extremely easy. There are no new complex terms to learn. No “skill” is required either. It’s for everyone, period.

Detailed dashboard

I love it when a company makes it simple to track and manage ad revenue. ForeMedia does just that.

This is what a normal dashboard looks like:

ForeMedia Review User Dashboard

(This is an edited screenshot. The numbers/winnings are not true.)

I loved that ForeMedia didn’t try to reinvent the wheel. They just went with the traditional interface that you must have seen with many other networks. This simplifies things and you don’t have to relearn everything.

In addition to revenue, the ForeMedia Dashboard also displays:

  • Seen pages
  • Unique visitors
  • Advertising revenue
  • Aboriginal revenues
  • RTB income
  • Page revenue

Then there are some pretty detailed graphics. These show “Revenue by country”, “Revenue by device type”, “Pageviews per day”, etc.

This data can help you better place your ads and simply target more specific types of audiences/devices.

Payments – For Publishers

Because I’m reviewing ForeMedia, let’s review its payment policies?

Thus, it allows you to withdraw your earned income via two modes:

  • Bank transfers
  • And PayPal.

The minimum withdrawal amount is $100.00.

4 ad types supported

I believe in the fact that there is no “one type of ad” that fits all. The best ad type for you depends on your audience, the type of content and the devices you primarily target, don’t you agree?

ForeMedia offers 4 ad types to work with. This is true for both advertisers and publishers.

Show announcements

This is one of the oldest, most commonly used, but also most effective ad types. Now I agree that these are the most “recognizable” ads. As in, your visitors would almost certainly know that these are advertisements.

However, this also works in your favor. Not everyone likes being “cheated” into clicking on content that they think is “not an advertisement”. Display ads, when done right and featuring the right products, generate some of the most converted clicks of all time.

Native ads

This is one of the most popular and effective ad types, don’t you agree? Mainly because they are not as easily recognizable as display ads. Also because these are usually very relevant to the content of the website, hence the disguise.

For these reasons, native ads have 49% more CTR than display ads.

On ForeMedia, whatever your role (as advertiser or publisher)you can totally expect some engagement on your ads.

Push notifications

This is my favorite ad type when targeting publisher revenue. It’s simply because it has nothing to do with how often a user visits your website. On the contrary, these pay me for each subscriber.

Second, these are also useful when I’m running out of space on my websites. I’m sure you know that push notifications don’t take up space on your website.

Pop-up ads

It’s the 4and and last type of ad you can run using ForeMedia. If I’m honest, they’re not my favorites. I’m sure you have similar views.

These just seem more intrusive, powerful and aggressive. However, for the same reason, when the right person sees these ads for the right product, they almost certainly convert.

The thing is, ForeMedia gives you options. You choose how you want to earn money using ForeMedia or what types of ads you select for your ad campaign if you are an advertiser.


This is one of the least impressive aspects of this ForeMedia review. The company offers live chat on its website.

However, it is not 24X7. It is only available during working hours. The team is however very professional, helpful and quick in their responses.

It’s just the lack of a “24X7” service that annoys me a bit. It could also be because I needed support over a weekend and had to wait a while for the response.

Based on CPC and CPM

The company obviously lets you run ads, as well as earn money through the CPC and CPM models.

If you’re new, CPC is basically the “Cost per click” model. You pay for each valid “click” on your ad.

The CPM model is best suited when you see “exposure/eyeballs” rather than direct clicks. You pay for the number of “impressions” your ad gets.

Multiple ad placements

This is a factor that will make publishers happy.

With ForeMedia, you don’t have to display ads in a specific location. Instead, it lets you choose from over 8 different locations.

It offers an individual code for each location, eliminating any size or overlapping issues.

ForeMedia ad placements

As the screenshot shows, you can use about 3 banners at the top, two on the right, one just below your content, and the footer. In fact, you can also apply the “floating footer”.

Since you added the ForeMedia code earlier, you don’t need to paste this code manually. If you have defined it well, it can be automatically displayed on your site.

No false clicks

As an advertiser, a major concern when serving ads is fake clicks, right? You don’t want to pay for clicks that aren’t legitimate or made just so the advertiser can make money.

ForeMedia has an advanced algorithm and human team to monitor all the same. It verifies the legitimacy of clicks so that you only pay for legitimate clicks.

ForeMedia Review: Final Verdict

Time for my personal opinion. ForeMedia gets full marks for user interface, ease of use, or “user base”. You will always have a few hundred thousand websites and advertisers for your campaigns/websites.

The types of ads and automated positions available are also quite impressive. The fact that I can run ads for less than $50.00 is equally impressive.
However, there is certainly room for improvement. For my part, I would like their support to move to a 24X7 model. At least 24X6?

Then, as a publisher, I wish they could add a few payment methods, especially Crypto? However, this is a completely personal and subjective choice. It has nothing to do with the effectiveness of ForeMedia as an ad network.


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