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How To Get The Cheapest Virtual Phone Number For Business?


When you come across various situations where having a dedicated phone number is more necessary and valuable, it’s time to look into getting a virtual number! Not only does the process need not be complicated or time-consuming, there are many different ways that give you options other than just dealing with your wireless service provider.

If there are specific scenarios that make sense for your business, arrange a dedicated virtual phone number today! Check out this article to learn how we can help you enable this feature for you today!

It’s nice to have a number that can help you stay organized when traveling. When you’re out of town, it becomes difficult to follow up on important matters because you don’t want other people to know about your business or you don’t like giving out your phone number. You may need a different number for your grocery list and the magazine you ordered a long time ago that is already overdue but does not charge overseas.

What is a virtual phone number?

A virtual phone number is much like a traditional number, except that it only exists online instead of being tied to a landline or other physical device. Most people will probably use this so they can switch their caller IDs between different numbers as needed. Yet for business owners and entrepreneurs, its value may come from the fact that it doesn’t bother to set up a complicated switchboard.

How to get a virtual phone number

The internet is full of apps that allow people to get a virtual phone number with the country or area code of their choice. You can even get one for free in most cases, although some require a fee. By signing up, you’ll be given a 10-digit number and can call numbers directly from your phone, computer, tablet, or other common devices. Below, we’ll discuss some of the best services available and why they’re our picks.

For over five years, Icon Voip has been providing affordable VoIP services to small and large businesses. They allow their customers to make or receive calls from a UK virtual phone number at similar rates in the UK or Ireland.

Their services are mainly aimed at two types of customers:

  • UK and international business consumers looking for a telephony solution that allows them and their employees to make and receive calls from UK or Irish phone numbers.
  • British and Irish travelers residing outside the UK need the UK or Irish phone number to communicate with family and friends in their home country.

They speak the language of their customers with over 23 years of expertise in providing VoIP and telephone services. No tech terminology and no overpriced items and services. They have created a set of essential goods and services that offer inexpensive and convenient answers for the majority of people.

Virtual Phone Number for Travelers: Numbers to Throw

Tossable Digits is simple, functional and inexpensive – a great option to have when juggling changing phone numbers. Their goal is simple: to help you change your phone number on the fly. Nothing to stop you. And if you are one of those who have several lines for different reasons (the line for work or another line for a private number), this is the perfect solution.

For example, some jobs may require going to places where public phones are prohibited; so, it could be beneficial to have multiple lines without any hassle. Like calling cards, the service operates on a prepaid basis through an online debit or credit card wallet, which can be recharged even after the recharge amount is shown on your card.

Virtual Phone System for Small Business

To wrap up this list, we’ll share what we think are three of the best business phones to use if you want to give your clients or employees something more complex. We think these will handle most small to medium sized jobs well enough, but you should keep in mind that all three tend to be a little more expensive than our other options. This is usually because they have more features – call switching capabilities (as opposed to call forwarding), caller queuing, and other nice features that used to be performed by the carrier.

  1. CallHippo

Our favorite virtual phone number provider, CallHippo, costs $14 per user per month and offers all types of numbers from around the world, as well as specific features such as voicemail, call forwarding and even the call recording for multitasking entrepreneurs.

Say you are a business that travels on the road frequently or people talk to customers on your behalf over the phone. In this case, multiple extensions can be configured, which will allow them to provide customers with more consistent service and less feel like they are dealing with an automated system by notifying users to press 1 now until after hours, then press 2 tomorrow if they have questions about their order.

  1. eVoice

Then we have eVoice, also called eReceptionist in the European Union. This service involves making and receiving calls through a virtual phone number, much like CallHippo, but unlike Google Voice, it costs you money every month. However, in exchange for your money, they give you more services and flexibility than you would get with Google Voice or Number, such as unlimited call forwarding (with CallHippo) and calling card compatibility.

  1. Vombre

The last one is vumber, which looks like another one of those number providers, but it’s not. Instead, the service refers to your phone number as a “vumber”, regardless of what we think of it since most of our readers either don’t care or already know they do. We can say that vumbers are good numbers that work whether you need area codes or choose to stand out with numbers like 42 and 23169.


Although we wish there were more options for getting a free phone number, there are plenty of options if you need a virtual phone number. Most of the above can cost you a few bucks – especially the commercial alternatives – the freedom of movement you’ll get is well worth it. We anticipate that this guide will be invaluable to your business.


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