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Had The Right Team Been Formed, Mumbai Indians Would Not Have Longed For Victory.


If the right team had been formed, the Mumbai Indians would not have aspired to victory.

Charanpal Singh Sobti

The question that is most discussed at IPL these days – What happened to the Mumbai Indians team? After all, what has gone wrong is that this season he aspires to win in one game. Losses in the first eight games of the season – at least the Mumbai Indians team is not recognized for such a record.
He lost his eighth game of this season against the Lucknow team on April 24 and the next game will be against Rajasthan Royals on April 30. These in-between days are definitely a relief for him and will give the team’s think tank a chance to reflect on what went wrong this season. Will give players a chance to recharge their hybrid batteries, forgetting the disappointment of frequent defeats.

Other teams play better cricket – it may be comforting to say the reason, but in this great bidding season when the whole team has had a chance to build again and of their choice, why Mumbai Indians didn’t they get such a team? That they too would have won the match by playing better. The failure of a champion team to qualify for a season’s playoffs is not an uncommon occurrence in any sport, but here the matter has become a victory.

Rohit Sharma, the most successful captain in IPL history, said after the Mumbai Indians’ fifth win – it’s not rocket science. We worked very hard to find the right team balance with these players. All these players were available for all teams but we invested in them from the start and we believed in them. Why don’t these golden words of Rohit Sharma apply to this season’s squad? Let’s look at some of the facts that can be said to be responsible for this state of the team:

Now the gaps have come to the fore and it looks like Mumbai have formed the most lopsided squad in the IPL at 10 teams. For this he himself is to blame. Spending Rs 15.25 crore on Ishaan Kishan is good for headlines, but after spending over Rs 23 crore on Kishan and injuring Jofra Archer together, the team went completely hysterical and didn’t have enough money. money in his bag to have a balanced team. Build.

Ishaan Kishan is a big player but not a 15.25 crore spending player. If you take a look at their XI in the IPL 2020 Finals, the difference becomes obvious: Quinton de Kock (500 runs/opening crack), the Pandya brothers – both batting masters and ball and the perfect powerplay bowler Trent Boult – someone like that is not on the team.

Except for Tilak Verma, he has no player who can see that Mumbai Indians recognized the good talent. The condition of this season is that for the first time in 15 years of IPL history, only two foreign players have played matches. This imbalance ruined the team.

Reason in Rohit Sharma’s eyes: The team’s bad stick caused the most damage. Match against Lucknow Super Giants – Their captain KL Rahul’s century in Mumbai’s 36-point loss while Rohit Sharma’s 39 was the Mumbai side’s best score. Open in the middle then pinch – nothing happens. Someone has to play a longer innings. Rohit feels that the way they lose games – not being able to be the base team is most responsible and all of them lost their best form.

What Coach Mahela Jayawardene says: The latest loss to the Lucknow Super Giants has forced Coach Mahela Jayawardene to believe that some changes are needed. They are also concerned about star flyhalf Ishan Kishan’s sharp drop in form. Kishan started with a fifty in the first two games but then scored 14, 26, 3.13, 0 and 8. Mumbai bought Kishan at IPL auction for Rs 15.25 crore.

Captain Rohit Sharma is also not in good form – 153 points in the first 8 matches, an average of 20 and a strike rate of not even 130. Has the pressure of the captain of the Indian team ripped drummer Rohit Sharma? Likewise, Kieron Pollard’s cricket was very poor – only 115 runs and 3 wickets in 8 innings. They expected a cricketer to replace Hardik and Krunal in the team, but that idea didn’t work out. He didn’t fit the finisher role this season. Fielders give up strikes, bowlers don’t take wickets at the right time and even the team’s best bowling bet, Jasprit Bumrah, is bland – 5 wickets in 8 games at a save rate of 7 .54.

So overall, Mumbai Indians are yet to see a team involved in the IPL party this season. The hope of a place in the last four is over – now the discussion is when will the first one win? Rohit Sharma has admitted that the season is over for his team and the season hasn’t been as he wanted. The team will return provided only one player becomes an example – like Lokesh Rahul for Lucknow and Hardik for Gujarat. It will be the return of the team. It’s good that the team owners haven’t lost faith in the team yet, otherwise things would have been worse. By the way, almost the same players are also to watch for the next two seasons and it wouldn’t be surprising if the team’s technical staff paid the price.


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