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Five Tips To Help You Print More Economically


A gallon of original black ink for printers costs over $2,700. It is one of the most expensive liquids on this planet and for no good reason. According to Canon, Brother and other brands, their prices are the result of extensive research and development. However, OEM cartridges aren’t the only reason we overspend on printing supplies. Here are five proven ways to cut costs:

1. Buy from the compatible marketplace

HP Officejet 6950 owners can save over 50% with this hp 902 ink for just $33.49. These impressive savings are perfectly realistic because Smart Ink is a small supplies-focused brand. On average, compatible products cost between 30% and 70% less, depending on your printer model.

2. Buy recycled cartridges

While DIY recycling is messy, inconvenient and risky, remanufactured cartridges offer the same benefits as new supplies. These are OEM products that have been cleaned, refurbished and refilled with fresh ink for sale at a discount. In terms of quality, you should look for standards with compatible counterparts – quality marks such as CE, Reach, STMC or ISO.

3. Use less paper

If you’re like the average employee in the United States, you print about 10,000 pages a year. According to statisticians, about 1,400 of them are absolutely useless and 30% of print jobs are never even recovered. Before printing a document, ask yourself if you really need a hard copy. You can save the file in PDF format and view it on your tablet.

4. Print more economically

To reduce ink consumption, you can replace the phones with phones with thinner letters or blank areas. In the standard range, Arial is the least economical — it requires 30% more ink than Century Gothic, Courier or Calibri. Even Times New Roman is preferable. Additionally, you can install special economy fonts like Ryman Eco or Ecofont Sans.

Finally, learn how to enable draft mode in your printer settings. It uses less ink and runs faster, and the output is faded but legible. To access the option, visit the Control Panel on your PC and go to Hardware and Sound – Devices and Printers. HP printers have an Economode setting, which is accessed through the system dialog when trying to print a file.

Print more economically

5. Edit webpages

In Reader mode, a web page contains only text with a few images. All non-essential ads and graphics are automatically removed. By default, this view is only supported on certain websites, and it sometimes malfunctions. If you don’t see the corresponding button next to the URL, try installing a special plugin for your browser. For example, Chrome users can try Easy Reader, Mercury Reader, Reader View, or Just Read.


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