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Home » Film Maker Vinod Kapri Asks Amit Shah When Will You Arrest Robert Vadra In Throwback Video Of TV9 Bharatvarsh Users Comment On It

Film Maker Vinod Kapri Asks Amit Shah When Will You Arrest Robert Vadra In Throwback Video Of TV9 Bharatvarsh Users Comment On It


Filmmaker Vinod Kapri asks Amit Shah when are you going to arrest Robert Vadra in TV9 Bharatvarsh users comeback video comment on it

The home of Priyanka Gandhi’s husband, Robert Vadra, was questioned by the Department of Income Tax team for acquiring a Benami property. Investigations are said to be underway in numerous cases against him. Not only that, Sonia Gandhi’s son-in-law was also questioned in connection with money laundering. The Bharatiya Janata party is often seen targeting Robert Vadra on all these issues. Famous filmmaker Vinod Kapri had questioned Amit Shah about Priyanka Gandhi’s husband during his arrest. However, the Home Secretary shrugged it off saying he never promised to arrest Robert Vadra.

Vinod Kapri had posed this question to Home Minister Amit Shah during a TV 9 Bharatvarsh broadcast in 2019. He re-shared this old video to his Twitter account. Vinod Kapri had asked Amit Shah: “When the UPA government was in place, the campaign was that as soon as our government arrived, we would put Robert Vadra in prison. Now, as soon as the elections approach, the ED has become active.

Asking Amit Shah, Vinod Kapri added: “Why has Robert Vadra continued to roam freely until now?” Responding to his question, Amit Shah said: “You are imposing your views on our party. We did not say anywhere that we would put Robert Vadra in prison. We said that the corrupt would be put in prison.

Responding to Vinod Kapri, Amit Shah added: “There is a difference between the Congress and the BJP. Whatever the case, we will investigate, investigate and after investigation we will act on evidence and evidence. Don’t worry even after the arrival of this BJP government. Whatever your intention, but the BJP government will come.

Sharing this old video, Vinod Kapri scoffed and wrote, “This question was posed to Amit Shah in 2019. It has now been three years for the second term of the Modi government. When the investigation services have carried out the investigation, when will Robert Vadra be arrested? Social media users are also reacting a lot to his tweet.

One user wrote in response to Vinod Kapri’s tweet: “The public’s intention is also known to the Home Secretary.” While a user named Vipin mocked Vinod Kapri and wrote, “It took Lalu Yadav 20 years to go to jail. This is a legal question, what can the government do in this area. The government can only try on its side.

Taking a dig at Amit Shah, a user named Rajiv wrote, “The public knows his intentions well that he is doing all this just to hide his scams and distract from the issues.” On the other hand, a user questioned and wrote, “Is Robert corrupt or not? So why not put him in jail? Erase something, or it’s also a jumla.

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