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Home » Buffalo Mass Shooting Victims Laid To Rest One Week After White Man Open Fired In Tops Grocery Store Killing 10 Black People

Buffalo Mass Shooting Victims Laid To Rest One Week After White Man Open Fired In Tops Grocery Store Killing 10 Black People


Buffalo mass shooting victims laid to rest a week after white man opened fire in Tops grocery store, killing 10 black people

BUFFALO, New York — Roberta Drury, a 32-year-old girl who was the youngest of 10 black people killed at a Buffalo grocery store, was remembered at her funeral on Saturday for “that smile that would sweeten a room,” as the city has marked a week since filming with painful moments of silence.

“Robbie,” as he was known, grew up in the Syracuse area and moved to Buffalo ten years ago to help his brother in his battle with leukemia. She was shot and killed on May 14 during a grocery shopping visit to Tops Pleasant Market targeted by the white shooter.

“There are no words to fully describe the depth and scale of this tragedy,” said Fr. Nicholas Spano, parochial vicar of the Church of the Assumption, at the funeral service in nearby Syracuse. from where Drury grew up to Cicero. (*10*)

“Last Saturday, May 14, our corner of the world was endlessly altered,” he said. “Lives have come to an end. Goals were shattered and our state was plunged into mourning. »(*10*)

Drury’s family wrote in their obituary that she “couldn’t take a few steps without meeting a brand new friend.” (*10*)

“Robbie always made a big deal out of someone when she saw them, always making sure they felt seen and loved,” her sister, Amanda, told The Related Press via text content ahead of the service. (*10*)

After the funeral, at Buffalo’s Tops store, the mood was a combination of stress and gloomy reflection as the city marked a week of racist bloodshed.(*10*)

At 2:30 p.m. sharp, as the shooter opened fire, those gathering and laying flowers near the nook where the victims were memorialized noticed a second of silence. A dozen employees lined up outside the entrance to the Tops store. Nearby, mourners wept.(*10*)

Meanwhile, Buffalo Mayor Byron Brown and other elected officials, including Tops Chairman John People, nodded on the steps of the City Corridor for 123 seconds to mark the duration of the attack. Places of worship across the city were inspired to ring their bells 13 times in honor of the 10 killed and 3 injured.
Joshua Kellick, a mental health and addictions counselor in Buffalo, said victim Geraldine Talley, 62, was a good friend. She worked as a secretary in his office, but she was the glue that held their work together at home, he said outside the store.

“She was nothing but loving and giving. She would go out of her way to help everyone. She was a mother, a grandmother to everyone, without really being that,” said Kellick, who gathered with several former colleagues of Talley to observe the second of silence. (*10*)

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Jacob Blake Sr., the father of Jacob Blake, Jr., a black man crippled after he was repeatedly shot by police in Kenosha, Wisconsin, in 2020, said he flew to the city from the Chicago space to help victims. ‘ households. When his son was shot, Blake said he wanted a real outpouring of help. (*10*)

“What I wanted was for someone to just hold my hand,” he said. “I just need households to know we’re here to give them what they want.”(*10*)

As Drury was laid to rest, Spano said mourners would remember her “kindness… love for family and friends, her perseverance, her tenacity and above all, that smile that would sweeten a room.” (*10*)

She was the second victim of a shooting to be eulogized.
A non-public service was held Friday for Heyward Patterson, the beloved deacon at a church near the grocery store. Additional funerals have been scheduled throughout next week.

Again at the memorial, Kellick, who is white, said the shooter’s motives and the truth about systemic racism in the country sparked a second of private thought.(*10*)

“I have to study lots of things,” he said. “I really want to review my beliefs. I have a daughter at home. I would like to give you the opportunity to focus on his teaching on how to love and care for people, regardless of sex, age, gender, race, sexual orientation. (*10*)

Dear Desi, an 86-year-old niece of victim Ruth Whitfield, said she would use her personal grief to push for change across the country. (*10*)

“I don’t need anyone to walk away from here and judge people on their race or their faith or where they’re from,” said Desi, who now lives in Orlando, Florida. , but often returned to Buffalo to visit the aunt who raised her. “How many people must be devastated? The indiscriminate killing must stop. »(*10*)

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