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Arkansas Nursing Home Destroyed By December Tornados Still Recovering


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Two months after the tornado swept through several states, the small town of Monet, Arkansas is still recovering. When a tornado hit in December, a nursing home called Monet Manor was destroyed and dozens of people died.

Tornado hits Arkansas nursing home, killing one person

The city, with a population of less than 2,000, is still reeling from the aftermath of the tornado. Rick Sampson has owned Monet Manor for more than 20 years and has taken care of many wonderful people over the years, he told Gadget Clock Digital.

Rick Sampson bought Monet Manor in 1998.

Rick Sampson bought Monet Manor in 1998.

“It’s kind of a home, and we’ve run it for a long time and we’ve had the opportunity to take care of a lot of wonderful people,” Sampson said.

Tornadoes cause deaths, injuries and damage in various states

More than 70 people were inside the Monet mansion when a tornado hit the building on December 10, 2021. Among them was Greg and Rodney Presley’s father, Ray. They say that at night when they reached the Monet mansion, the scene was pure chaos.

Outside the Monette Mansion after a tornado hit the building.

Outside the Monette Mansion after a tornado hit the building.

“It took us two hours to find out where Dad was. They loaded him into an ambulance and actually took him to the hospital, but we had to find out which hospital they took him to,” Greg said.

Fortunately, the 80-year-old escaped with only a few cuts and bruises.

“It was a miracle from God that it all turned out like this,” Rodney said.

However, the building itself could not be defended. Workers are still cleaning up the area where Manor once stood, but are optimistic about the future of Sampson’s facility. He says the support, help and encouragement from the community in this close-knit town has made the process much easier.

A tornado in Arkansas killed two people and injured several others

“We had a lot of caring people, and they wanted to do what they could, and they helped out here and just made the best of a bad situation,” Sampson said.

The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) has funded more than 500 tornado survivors in Arkansas, totaling more than $700,000, and more have until Feb. 22 to apply. FEMA’s Juan Ayala says that even if people aren’t qualified to help, they will help find additional resources.

The damage remains where Monet's mansion once stood.

The damage remains where Monet’s mansion once stood.

“In Arkansas, we still have personnel on the ground. Everything we do in any state is done in partnership with that state government, so it’s not just FEMA workers, it’s state workers and local emergency officials and the elected officials who work. Coordinate recovery efforts. Ayala said.

Monette Manor aims to rebuild the facility in just one year, and residents and community members are currently working with an architect to make it happen.


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