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All About Roidmi Brand – Theme and Background


When we talk about robot vacuums and floor cleaners, we almost always hear about ROIDMI. but what is it exactly? We tie it to Xiaomi because, like many other sub-brands, it’s part of the massive ecosystem the giant has built.

However, it is vital to know a little more about the company because, on the one hand, it was not born with Xiaomi and, on the other hand, it evolves with it. Let’s see the general theme of Roidmi.

What is Roidmi?

ROIDMI was founded in 2015, just a few years after Xiaomi, thanks to the corporate power of Lei Jun. ROIDMI focuses on the design, development and production of high quality cleaning products for global customers.

Xiaomi ROIDMI’s goal is to provide high quality items at reasonable prices. It achieves this by improving technology, adhering to rigorous sourcing criteria, improving the manufacturing process, and ultimately improving quality while reducing costs.

The goal was clear from the start: to create vacuum cleaners such as Riodmi Eve Plus (or, more precisely, robot vacuum cleaners) that could carry on Xiaomi’s concept and slogan.

ROIDMI is currently present in major chain stores around the world, in addition to the tens of thousands of outlets it has in 65 countries: the largest chain of home appliance stores Media Markt, the largest chain of household appliance stores in France Fnac Home and XiaomiYoupin retail network.

His motivation is technology at a price accessible to all. In fact, the brand has achieved so much that it is now present in over 100 countries around the world.

Roidmi vacuum cleaners:

A vacuum cleaner is a long-standing product. With the introduction of new technologies, the cordless vacuum cleaner unquestionably stands out as the vacuum cleaner of the future.

ROIDMI is one of the most reputable manufacturers of cordless vacuum cleaners, with items sold in over 60 countries.

In terms of infrastructure, ROIDMI has built a 5,000 m2 R&D and sales center, an 8,000 m2 vacuum cleaner factory and a 10,000 m2 robot vacuum cleaner factory. He has poured millions into independent laboratory equipment to safeguard production and product research and innovation.

However, the company has much more to be grateful for. The Xiaomi ROIDMI NEX cordless vacuum cleaner, suggested by the Evening Standard, a car air purifier that has produced millions of units worldwide, and the NEX 2 Pro cordless vacuum cleaner with color LED screens are among The most popular items. In a nutshell, items with the perfect price-performance ratio for a smart home.

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All ROIDMI cordless vacuum cleaners in the range feature classic colors, a large 270o handle and a sturdy frame.

Some of the technical characteristics of the production of Riodmi devices:

When you examine the technical aspects of Roidmi vacuum cleaners, you can see that they have several functions and technologies that you must know in order to evaluate what these products have to offer:

  • Some versions can reach up to 70 minutes of autonomy in normal mode, or even more. This implies that your battery will provide constant power to the motor, allowing it to run for over an hour. That’s more than enough time to clean most homes and automobiles.
  • Sterilization technology prevents bacteria from growing inside these vacuums, resulting in a healthier system. It does this through the use of a specialized filtration system with an ionic antibacterial coating.
  • Cyclonic technology creates an internal air cyclone to deliver superior results and suction power over traditional technology. The powerful engine of the Roidmi allows it to reach more than one hundred thousand revolutions per minute. This will provide powerful suction capable of picking up even the most stubborn dirt.
  • Various vacuum cleaners use Bluetooth connectivity technology to communicate with a mobile app and provide certain features for more enjoyable and efficient cleaning.
  • Some variants have a separate head with a mop that can spin and wet the floor. In other words, they turn your vacuum cleaner into something more, allowing you to scrub the floor while vacuuming.

Awards and Popularity:

Roidmi vacuum cleaners are increasingly popular throughout Europe. This Chinese company is backed by the technological behemoth Xiaomi, which is a solid assurance. In addition, they stand out for their excellent value for money, as well as for their ingenuity, exquisite design and elegance. As a result, they have earned prestigious accolades such as the German iF Award and the Red Dot Award.

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Is Riodmi reliable?

Behind the Roidmi brand is tech giant Xiaomi, so it has the backing of a massive corporation known for originality and innovation. Even though many people are unaware of this brand, it is an excellent product of quality and reliability that you can rely on.

They are, in general, low cost products with high power and efficiency, as well as reliability and robustness. They cause no more problems than other well-known brands and can even outperform lesser-known low-cost brands.

In fact, it has a two-year warranty on all of its components, but that warranty can be extended up to 5 years on the motor, which goes to show how long these items can last.

Final words on the Riodmi brand:

ROIDMI’s brand positioning approach is “bigger and smarter”. To ensure customer satisfaction, ROIDMI has developed a strategic collaboration agreement with an engine manufacturer with 20 years of R&D expertise to continuously improve engine performance.

If you want a cordless vacuum that does its job efficiently and is comfortable without spending the money that others do, Roidmi can be one of the best options. Even cheaper than competing products and outperforming well-known brands in terms of results.

Moreover, they contain a plethora of technologies and features that will make your task much easier. Some versions, for example, have antibacterial technology to make vacuuming healthier, an LED light to help you see what you’re cleaning, a screen that shows information while vacuuming, a damp mop for scrubbing and even Bluetooth connectivity.

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