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Home » 3 Suspects In Custody After Wild Smash-and-grab Caught On Video At Yonkers Jewelry Store

3 Suspects In Custody After Wild Smash-and-grab Caught On Video At Yonkers Jewelry Store


3 suspects in custody after wild smash and grab caught on video at Yonkers jewelry store

YONKERS, NY – A crashing robbery that was caught on digital camera at a Yonkers jewelry store resulted in hours of drama as police chased suspects into a quiet neighborhood.

Police say all 4 suspects are from the Bronx and have information about the crime. Three had been taken into custody on Friday.

The hardworking owner of Golden Sq. Jewelry told CBS2 that he was outraged.

“They came in and fought with them, grabbing the jewelry inside and pushing it outside,” Tony Montana said.

Montana was cleaning up and including the value of what was stolen.

On Thursday afternoon, brazen thieves used a crowbar and hammer to smash Montana’s storefront and seize the $100,000 prize of gold chains and diamond rings, CBS2’s Tony Aiello reported.

Police say a suspect wearing a light-colored hoodie cut himself while grabbing loot.

Confined in the store, a worker determined to fight again. First they crushed the thieves on the other side of the glass. They then ran outside, grabbed a hammer and pounded the suspects’ getaway car, damaging it as they drove away.

“We are outraged and understandably unhappy. If you work so hard and someone just comes and does this to you, it does damage,” Montana said.

As bad guys, these four suspects didn’t really impress the police with their planning or execution.

“It was a really sick plan. They were in the bowels of the city during rush hour and tried to flee with a car with foreign license plates while wearing masks. So they were very simple to establish,” said Yonkers Police Commissioner Chris Sapienza.

The suspects were easily tracked down to the Park Hill neighborhood, where they crashed the car and fled. A manhunt captured three of them before the night was over.

“It’s a reckless plan, making you assume what else these individuals are up to?” said Sapienza.

Police have identified the suspects as Nykem Alston, 21, Alfred Long, 35, and Alexander Wilson, 21.

The suspects’ car slammed into the retaining wall of a house on Marshall Street near Birch Road, police said. Wilson was hospitalized because of the crash, police said.

The NYPD has reached out to see if an April 29 smash-and-grab on the Grand Concourse was performed by the same crew.


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