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3 Common Myths People Still Believe


Working for many years, many understand that just like that they will not be able to increase their well-being. In this regard, many are starting to look for different ways to invest money. Someone buys real estate, someone starts buying stocks of companies, and someone decides to invest in precious metals. Each of these methods has both its disadvantages and advantages.

In addition, it is necessary to carefully study the characteristics of each type of investment, since some of them are the preferred choice in the long term. However, some people read unverified sources that spread rumors and myths. For this reason, many people get the wrong image.

In this article, we want to talk about the most common misconceptions about investing in precious metals.

Invest in precious metals

#1 It’s the best type of short-term investment

Most people want to profit from it a few months after investing. However, many are faced with the fact that in the short term, if you invest your money in precious metals, you can get little or no income.

These metals are one of the most reliable ways to invest because if you pay attention to history, you can see that they rarely lose value. Even during a period of unstable economic situation, or emergency, these metals do not lose their value.

However, if you’re willing to invest your savings and earn an income in a few years, it’s unlikely you’ll be able to receive the income you want. The fact is that their value rarely drops, but at different times, when demand drops, their price may drop. That is why many experts say that you will be able to get a good income only after ten or fifteen years. If this option is right for you, at you can find reliable sellers and get advice from highly qualified specialists.

#2 You must invest all your savings

You will never hear such advice from reliable experts because it can waste all your money. If you want to dive into the world of investing, without in-depth knowledge, you can make bad decisions. This applies to any type of investment.

Anyone who wants to increase their wealth must not give in to their emotions, because even if you invest everything you have, there is no guarantee that your income will increase, even if you choose gold or silver bullion. To avoid ending up with empty pockets, experts advise investing 10 to 15% of your savings.

Invest in precious metals

#3 The more expensive, the better

It seems to many people that if you buy the most expensive precious metal, it will pay off with interest. This is not always the case, because you have to make a decision based on your plans, the economic situation and the variety of metal prices. If you look at the level of demand, you can draw the following table:

Gold has always been the most popular choice and history proves that it has been used by many to accumulate their wealth. However, not everyone can afford to invest in gold bullion, which is stored in gold and currency reserves.

It is followed by silver. This precious metal is more accessible to people. It has, like the first metal, proven its resistance to instability during financial crises.

The least bought metals are platinum and palladium, since people started investing in them not so long ago, compared to the first two options. Their lack of demand is also due to the fact that they are highly dependent on the industrial sector. You can make money on them if you can analyze and monitor the situation in the market.


If you want to increase your well-being, you cannot trust an unverified source, and you must also have a thorough knowledge of it. After deciding to invest your savings in precious metals, you must understand that this is a long-term investment.


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