After 12 mos still going back and forth b/wn dealer and Wellborn - white cabinets peeled, poor craftsmanship, poor rep. use another manuf!

They send reps out to your home that talk to you like your an idiot and should not expect after paying thousands of dollars that you should get a quality product.  I had to have a painter come out after 1 month and repaint all the cabinets- yes they were willing to pay for this however who needs the aggravation after a kitchen reno.  3 months later - still having trouble - door fronts are loose and coming apart - yes, they are willing to replace after multiple calls and going backforth with the dealer - this is not a reputable company - you should be able to find a better quality manuf at the same price point.  I am extremely disappointed that i had this experience - i hope others take note and order a different manuf.  

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