Small and home-based business should stay away from Verizon!

First off, they have BAD customer service. This is not the first time but today topped it all:

 I called in today at 9 am and had to just hang up at 10:30 out of frustration. I got shuffled from one department to another on top of a long wait. Nobody seems to know what they are doing or care that you might have been re-directed the nth time...

 If their service is interrupted and as a result, your business is interrupted, you get a simple sorry and a credit that\'s just change ($1.00 to $3.00) but if you miss paying a bill, watch out for the late fees and exorbitant re-connection charges ($75.01). If my service was disrupted and later re-connected, should I not be compensated for the hours of lost income or at the very least, the same amount that they charge for a client re-connection...?!!

Moreover,  this month on our bill, we are paying more for our internet. We  never gave them consent to change the plan nor the speed...

To add insult to injury, an agent even remarked to our bookkeeper once \"you are in business but you don\'t pay your phone bill....?\" as if they know anything about what we do, our business or the circumstances of the non-payment.

They are the least sympathetic to small business so don\'t go telling them about your woes. They will  not even budge to say, \"Ok Ms. client, we know you\'ve fallen on some bad times but since this is your first offense, we will refund the fee this time.\"

Instead they will tell you, \"Well, the disconnection notice has always been written on your bill.\"  (no need to send a separate notice). Well, Isn\'t that what the banks used to say when they\'ll just charge you an overdraft fee because they paid a charge BEFORE even asking if you wanted them to pay it...?

But wait! there\'s more - what about those charges that get \"crammed\" into your bill? For 2 months, we got billed for a service from \"Paymentone\" that we never ordered...!

Is there a class action suit? Let us know we would like to participate...



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