Ann Arbor,MI. Totally evil. Scammers, con artists, liars, cheaters, thieves, et. Contact BBB, Attn Gen, FTC, Kirby and lawyer if scammed.

This is how they get into your home.  They approach you door-to-door with some freebie.  In my case, they represented themselves as a new carpet cleaning business startup in my area.  When you ask them where the physical location will be, they tell you they don't have one yet.  Their initial statement is that they are not selling you anything.  They are looking for referrals for their new business based on the carpet cleaning job they do.  Later it becomes, you have no obligation to buy from them. 

Once they are in your home, they lay on every method from sympathy through pressure to sell you a Kirby vacuum.  They come in with two people.  One with a machine and the other to distract you while the salesman spreads the machine all around your living room.  By this time you figure out the guy isn't getting the machine ready to clean your rugs, he has to present the Kirby vacuum to you.  So, if your a nice person you allow the salesman to give his 15 minute presentation.   They claim after the 15 min presentation they will clean your carpet, the salesman will earn points for their trip, and they will be on their way with no obligations on your part.  At this point, they have played on your sympathies and you figure what is 15 minutes.  They do give you a pretty good sell on the vacuum.  One is to place baking soda on your carpet and show you how your vacuum doesn't pick it up, but the Kirby does.  They do lots of things to show you how wonderful the Kirby vacuum is. 

On this evening, I did purchase a vacuum from them.  I figured I had three days to change my mind under law.  I had not done any homework yet, prior to purchasing this unit.  My original mindset was that Kirby had a great name in the industry.  In fact, I have a neighbor that was a salesman and will tell you that he really liked the vacuum.  So, on this evening, I had a great feeling that I would actually own such a great product.  Since Kirby has an A+ rating from the BBB and has been in business since 1942, why wouldn't I feel good about it.

The truth -- Well after four plus hours of sympathy ploys and pressure sales to purchase the Kirby vacuum and lots of pestering to do the cleaning by you, they do a less than even good job cleaning your carpet.  The Sentria is the model I was presented with.  I have to say the next day I was not impressed at all with the carpet cleaning.  Bottom line, they do not do all they promised to get into your home to begin with. 

The truth is there is no intention to open a location in your area.  They canvas areas hours away from Ann Arbor, MI for a reason.  So you have a difficult time at best trying to cancel the Kirby vacuum sale and return the product. 

Another thing they do is take your old vacuum.  It is supposedly a trade-in to reduce the cost of the Kirby vacuum you just purchased.  If you don't do the trade-in, you cannot get the wonderful $1200 price they just gave you.  In my case, I gave them an old one I did not care about anyways and not my good vacuum.  They tell you that since you have a Kirby, you don't need the old vacuum.  When asked what they do with the trade-ins, they supposedly donate them to charity.  Yeah, right.  In my opinion, they are reselling them.  Here is just another part of their overall scam.  

If you bought from them, they are hard to contact or get a resolution to your problem.  Tried to get me to sign two contracts for one machine.  Person did not know how to cancel the first contract.  Fortunately, I did my homework before the guy came back to my house and I knew how to cancel my contract.  When I cancelled the contract, they tried to take my buyers copy with them.  They said this is the only way I could cancel it.  They have an answer for every lie you catch them in.  Once they know you are on to them, they become hostile and insulting.  To be honest, the guy made me feel very uncomfortable once he knew I was not buying the unit and I was cancelling the contract.

Employees are being scammed too.  They hire on the spot and expect the people to work awful hours and from what I gather, no pay.  Furthermore, no background checks are being done on sales people that are coming into your home.  Why would they spend the money on someone they really are getting to work for free.  Once the employee figures out they are being scammed they end up quitting.  Thus, if you are a consumer and signed a contract with them, these non-existent real employees have all your personal and financial information.  Now you are a possible identity theft victim. 

If you sign a 12 mo. same as cash contract, you find out that you pay interest during the first 12 months of the contract anyways.  Supposedly, you get the interest payments back at some point in the future.  Assuming you paid off the overly priced item within the first 12 months.  I don't know if it is true or not, but I have read people are not getting their interest back either.

They do not participate with the BBB and have an F rating from other complaints.  When I asked them why they do not participate with the BBB they claim they did three years ago, but they give you some story about how the BBB is bad.  You will find nothing good about this company or Kirby vacuums on Ripoff Report, Consumers Report, Yellow pages, etc...  When confronted with this information they will tell you that all the other vacuum companies buy their ratings from these sources.  Or they tell you they have some disgruntled ex-employees that are just making up stories.

I am not an ex-employee.  I was a person that thought Kirby was a legitimate company with a great vacuum.  Yes, over priced, but a great vacuum.  I was sincerely interested in purchasing the vacuum.  At this point, I am not to convinced that Kirby is not aware of this companies business practices.  At this point, I would not buy a Kirby vacuum even if a genie popped out and did my house cleaning.  I will not further promote a company that encourages the deception of their distributors. 

At this point, I can only conclude Kirby is aware of the evident fraud that is being committed on unsuspecting consumers.  My intentions are to contact Kirby and see what they say about all of this.  Is Kirby going to want to clear their name up or continue to rally behind these deceptive business practices?  This part of the story is yet to be told.  Since Kirby is only sold door-to-door, it is my opinion that Kirby is just as responsible as Shy Enterprises, Inc.  Are there any legitimate distributors of their products?  Are any of them on the BBB with good ratings?  Shy Enterprises hides behind the fact that Kirby has been in business so long.  This is how they make you the consumer feel comfortable about buying from Shy Enterprises.   So I will be interested to find out what Kirby's response to all of this will be.

This is just some of the things this company does.  It is my opinion that they are scamming and frauding people way above and beyond an overly priced Kirby vacuum sale. 

It is my own fault for allowing myself to be duped by this company to begin with.  Now all I can do is try to protect myself via all possible means necessary and try to ensure this does not happen to another person.  If posting this information helps one person, I will feel better.  Hopefully, this posting will help more than one person.  At this point, I am very concerned that this company is such a fraud that Kirby vacuum sales is not their only revenue.

I am in the stages of contacting the Kirby headquarters, BBB, FTC, Attorney General, news media, and a lawyer.  If you are a victim of this company, don't just lie down and give up.  Complain to every organization you can.  Turn your bad experience into a positive by ensuring this company does not scam others.  Bernie Madoff got 150 years for his crimes.  Kirby has been in business since 1942 with an A+ rating on the BBB.  What is wrong with this picture???  I expect that if Kirby is legitimately not aware, then this company will be out of business soon and not allowed to open under another name, nor be a distributor for Kirby ever again.

In conclusion, I don't know how any of the people working there sleep at night.  They know we are in a bad economy.  People are losing their homes.  A company like this can take advantage of others only to prosper for themselves.  I can only conclude they are totally evil and absolutely black hearted. 

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