After 5 years as a customer - $60 termination fee even though I wanted to remain a customer.

I had the Primus triple value bundle for over 5 years and never had a problem. As I am between jobs I've been looking at ways to save money and heard about so I called Primus to find out if I could port my phone number to them without affecting the rest of my services and was told I could. I began the process to port the number and soon afterwards my phone and internet stopped working. I called Primus and was told there was a cancellation order for all services. I said I only wanted to cancel the phone service, and could the internet service be restored. I was told this would take a week to restore and there would be a reconnection fee and a fee for a dry loop connection. I explained that I would not have begun the porting process if Primus had told me the services couldn't be severed. They wouldn't budge. Now Primus internet has always been slow, 2 mbps on a good day and often much less. So I decided that if you are going to put the screws to me after 5 years and charge me more for less I will move to another internet provider as well. Now I receive a bill for $60 for not giving them 30 days notice of cancellation when I never wanted to cancel, only ported my number when they advised me it wouldn't affect my other services, and would've stayed with them if they would've waived the reconnection fee. I can't believe the way I am treated after 5 years, and to think I recommended Primus to others! Stay well away...

Location that Sucks: Ottawa

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