DO NOT do business with "The Law Offices of Eduardo Soto" they make you sign a contract and pay for a service that they never fulfill.

DO NOT do business with "The Law Offices of Eduardo Soto" they charged my dad $10,000 for an immigration case in 2009, three years later nothing has been done. Every 6 months a different one of his apprentice lawyers is assigned to the case, but yet none of them have even accomplished any of the terms for which this money for representation as the agreement contract states was paid. On March 5th a court date was finally set to stand before a judge and nothing was resolved because the request was filed under the wrong jurisdiction. The only time you see Mr. Soto himself is to sign the contract and ofcourse take your payment, oh and wait on top of all that they want $10,000 more. DO NOT have The Law Office Of Eduardo Soto represent your case unless you like giving money away!

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