They lie about price and quality and leave the work undone unless you give them new work which they leave undone.

Howard Harrison Paving in MD came to me offering a deal having extra material due to rain preventing doing some driveways.  He paved my 450 foot driveway at night and left the last 25 feet a mess.  He charged $900 more the original $7500.He promised to fix it later if I paid $900 to him to seal the driveway, but he missed 15%.  Dozens of calls & 10 months later he came back to fix things but required a new $4000 to pave my parking area and seal.  He paved with 2/3 of the promised material and claimed he sealed everything although.  He admitted he skipped the respray of the bad driveway job but lied and maintained he sprayed the rest.  Nothing was sprayed, the parking lot is  falling apart.  He refuses to return calls or fix it.  HE WILL CHEAT YOU.

Location that Sucks: Maryland

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