when tring to order I got a cannot connect to databse err I clicked contact us it was an box to write to them and no respose after 4 days.

I clicked on contact us and there is no phone #. Only a box to send in your complaint. Not even an email address I wrote to them about their database err message and after4 days, I still have not gotten a response. In the terms and conditions it says all products are \\\"as is\\\" and that they are not resposnsible for typos or photographic errors. They could send you any old product and you would have no recourse. I even tried to look up reviews about them and could not find any. I was going to buy a $400 pool and am very glad I didn\\\'t. They also state that there is a 5 day return policy.  If I would have gotten my item on a Mon. I wouldn\\\'t have put it up until Sat.  which would be too late to return it. They are definetly not a reputable company and no one should ever buy from them.

Location that Sucks: homegardenoutdoors.com

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