We built a home in 2005. Every Corner is cracked, cielings have cracked, Walls cracked on3 sides in one bathroom. They will do nothing!

This is the second home we have built with Holiday. We have 4 other family members who have built with them. We need to sell our home, but can't due to these issues. They had a drywall persone come out, who dug a hole in the corner to check for water damage, and now they say they will do nothing. They made their millions during the housing boom, changed their name to Avtek, and moved on. I also paid for the most expensive cabinets, and they are peeling on every edge. Of course, that co is out of business also! Stay FAR away from this builder, they use the cheapest of everything.



Location that Sucks: Port St John, Brevard CO, FL

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