Greers latest "roadside clutter" ad campaign is horrible, ugly and tells me "stay away". It's the worst abuse of mini road signs ever!

There was a time when Greer's Furniture was a classy business, the "go to" place for furniture, appliances and mattresses. Their latest "roadside clutter" advertising is as low as it can go. Shocking pink and black signs clog intersections in Loudon and Lenoir City - while we're all trying to clean up for summer tourist season. The damn signs are also on county roads and on private property. I am picking up and disposing of all the signs I can find and urge you to do the same. They make great drip catchers for the garage floor. The signs are unpermitted and Greers is cheating the system, running under the radar, without paying sign or billboard fees. I say take them down or get Greer's to pay up. I'm surprised that Greer's Furniture, a long-time local business with a loyal following in the community, would not only condone, but create such visual manure. Shame on you Greer's Furniture. If you'd do this to your neighbors, I hate to think what you might consider to be customer service.

Location that Sucks: Loudon, Tennessee

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