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BrightHouse is really DarkHouse. Hello friend, Hello Sucker

BH is an Arrogant monopoly in Seminole county 32714, Uverse & FIOS cannot provide service. I hope they go down like BlockBusters

I call them brightlouseoor cable service/poor internet service/poor customer service 3 strikes their out!

We've had problems for a year now and every couple of weeks they send a lead technician but can not fix the problems with cable - They Suck!

bs fake trying to be customers friend what crap, road runner 1/2 the speed they say it is condenscending jerks in tech support,

I have to lie to their machine and say I am buying something to get through at all. I have been an internet customer for 18 months they SUCK

Horrible service. TV barely works. Getting directv. Don't waste your money.

They never bothered to advise customers that Channel 2 WESH would be blocked/not seen again after 7/10/12! Hi cost cable for sucky service!

I've had cable all over the country, but BrightHouse is the worst hands down! Who the hell has a signal that is always pausing?!?!

The Worst company I have ever dealt with.

Brighthouse Monopoly with Time Warner = law of diminishing returns = + money for channels and internet service that gets worse = futility

brighthouse is so full of it same lame shows,no update,no cartoons for 2-3hrs.plays the same shows to much,some adultswim show are so stupid

We literally have issues with this suck ass company EVERY SINGLE month. MONOPOLY IN TAMPA @ HUNTERS RUN! RUN FROM BRIGHTHOUSE!

They lie about what the service packages include. They also don't care about the customer AT ALL. Terrible service!

The internet service goes out constantly. They end out technicians that don't have any idea what they are doing. They continually escalate

they have a monopoly on cable service for the Orlando area so they don't have customer Service

I move in a apartment person before me never turn back in the box they tried to charge me for the box i didn't have,

Brighthouse is the worst cable company in the entire industry. They do not care for their customers and their customer service SUCKS AS WELL

brighthouse is the worst cable company EVER

I keep going to starbucks to get wifi because my brighthouse signal is always slow ou out. So, I'm paying for sthing that I don't use SUCKS!

Internet constantly goes out, and when it's not out, it's painfully slow, I'VE COMPLAINED NUMEROUS TIMES!

My mother got angry at Verizon and cancelled her phone and went to BH. Her phone has been out of service 8 - 10 times in the past 3 mos

Took 3 appointments before installation guy showed up. Months later, they started charging for HBO (which I don't have and didn't ask for).

1st service did nothing, all he had to do was get a new box out of truck. I had to go get one. Still issues and 2nd service was NO SHOW !!!

Brighthouse sucks only reason why I still have it is becuase I dont make the billing decisions Im going to tell all my customers to get Fios

How is it that a technology provider continues to create some of the crappiest commercials on TV? I wish I had a better option.

Brighthouse offers 10mb Inernet, run a speed test on brighthouse and it's real close. All other speed test run at 3mb on a good day???

Its simply Unbelievable how bad the cable service sucks.

They are the WORST cable company. Services never work properly.

Their service is totally rotten. You can't believe anything they tell you.

I have Brighthouse as my High Sped Internet provider.Sadly,they fail at this task. Frequent d/c's and inmpossible to reach them by phone.

It has taken 5 installers to the house, dozens of phone calls and 2.5 weeks to finally get BH working with TIVOHD. Poor installers.

Internet hsnt worked properly no a single day. Called those ppl like three times, came, charged me for coming and still shitty service!BOOOO

Waited over 4 hours for tech to show up. Never did. No call. No nothing. I am done with BH!

Unstable internet, crap customer service, overpriced, won't acknowledge or fix their own problems, and overall the worst company ever.

Its been a week now with phone service that keeps going down,they admit its their problem and cant do anything about it,would not rec. them!

Lost internet on Sunday morning, asked for a tech to come out and was told TUESDAY AFTERNOON... morons must be busy at computer 101 class

Unreliable, sloppy techs, dreadful customer service. I have no phone & service is scheduled in 10 days. Supervisor said "get a cell". OMG

U are over priced and under featured and aren't working!

If they are so hight tech & sophisticated - how come they don't already know what services I buy and quit pitching me with commercials.

Too many commercials and then your show comes back on and they break into it with another brighthouse commercial. Ignorant and maddening!

We need compitetion ! Brighthouse tv is all commercials & internet is also bad

The Orlando Magic are the ONLY professional team in this tiny town, but BrightHouse cant seem to televise all of their games!? WTF?

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