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PPL Motorhomes Sucks

Bought a replacement/upgrade awning fabric for A&E awning they said would fit. Nope, and No help other than telling me to add torque.



EZ Wholesaler Sucks

VENDORS BEWARE, They do not pay the invoice due. If you let them purchase on credit you may never get paid!:-P

Dube's Landscaping Inc. Sucks

Vendors beware, give credit at your own risk.

Parker Healthcare Products Sucks

If you extend credit it will be like throwing money out the window, they don't pay and don't return calls. :-P

Acuity Healthcare Sucks

I was recruited a contract RN job and found the Account Manager to be extremely unprofessional, rude and childish. Beware!

kimberly sullivan extension hairstylist Sucks

This lady says she is a professional and brags when she over charges and ruins your hair. I now have bald spots bc of her hair. extensions

Blue Creek Nursery Landscaping Sucks

They either are late or don't show up for appointments. They give 1-yr guarantee then deny they gave it. Their word means nothing.

Programmed Cleaners Sucks

I was hired to work there 3 days later, they changed their minds and I never got started. I turned down two jobs because they hired me! Sucks on Ebay- be aware of this store located in CHINA.He don't ship your order! Owner owns several stores with different names.

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