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MO X Sucks

Our experience of this company was poor at best. The attitude towards us as the client was the worst, by both the owner and employees:-P:-[

Expo Suzuki Sucks

COMPLAINT I received a flyer from Expo Suzuki, that I had won 1 of 7 items. I went to the dealership to claim my prize. What followed, is

Green fire does NOT Suck

Difficult to deal with

alltypesupply at ebay Sucks

This clown sells counterfeit gun parts. He also sells internationally. How much of the crap he sells is used against our troops. What a JERK

Total Safety Sucks

Very crooked company, no internal training, you WILL be "let go", no guidance whatsoever from upper management, very hypocritical, STAY AWAY does NOT Suck

I've been using for past many months now, never had a single problem and they have been top notch. ;-);-);-);-)

pch Sucks

Personally I send all their crap back to them for them to throw away and I never use a stamp as I feel the USPO must be getting a cut

Fransen Pittman Sucks

They bid shop, they commit fraud on change orders, and they can't get a project done on time. They "lead from behind" then scapegoat a sub.

Jeff Waters, Timonium Maryland..Inspired Capital Management sexual molestation of a minor Sucks

Jeff Waters, Timonium Maryland..Inspired Capital Management----wanted for sexual molestation of a minor- please contact police Metro Poli

Rohit Kishore Sila SG-- wanted on 4 bribery and fraud for attempting to bribe a federal officer Sucks

Rohit Kishore Sila SG-- wanted on 4 counts bribery and fraud for attempting to bribe a federal official he is charged with specifically wit

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