I always get paid, so to me it's a good job and high pay


Ok, i\\\'ve read the reviews on here and was scared to even interview with this place. But after interviewing with a few other places i decided oh why not. So i did. And you know what? Most of the complaints here were addressed at the orientation. i\\\'ve done grant based jobs before, like tutoring high school kids after school, and this place is no different.


All the complaints about paperwork is true, but it\\\'s a government funded program, what do you expect really?  They have entire pages in the handbook just about what to not to do. If you tutor more than two hours in one sitting, you won\\\'t get paid for it. If the parent doesn\\\'t sign for the session, you don\\\'t get paid. How is that unreasonable? When i was tutoring high school after school, if the kid came in and didn\\\'t sign in and left without signing out, i don\\\'t get paid for that either. It doesn\\\'t count if they can\\\'t trace it with the paperwork.


I hate that some of the families sign up and they decide later that they don\\\'t want tutoring. It\\\'s hours that i thought i was going to work. But they work with me to get me another student and help me work as much as i want to work. The pay is good, especially with how bad the job market is now. i make way more than i would at some entry level admin job where i\\\'m stuck at the office all day.


Reading some of the comments here, i know i\\\'m gonna get bash and a lot of people just yelling for the sake of yelling. But you know what, get your facts straight before you start complaining. I get paid every month once a month. It sucks that they only pay once a month, but from what the reps were telling me, the district is on a monthly system too. But I always get paid. It\\\'s not always perfect and i have to correct stuff sometimes because i forgot a pretest score or forgot to submit my progress report, but i always get paid. 


I can\\\'t imagine what you have to do to not get paid. I read the handbook and i followed the rules. It makes sense. If you\\\'re going into this job thinking you sit a desk and tutor kids all day then you really shouldn\\\'t be working here. It\\\'s a tutoring company and goes to students one on one. There\\\'s no centers and you have to fill out the paperwork. They can\\\'t track you otherwise. So if you\\\'re gonna not work for this company becuase of all the horrible stories, then it\\\'s really your lost. I\\\'m glad i at least looked into the job before just writting them off. 


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